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Our most popular items are Agate, Citrine, Quartz and Amethyst as well as our huge selection of rough rock from our Rock Depot and our one of a kind, rare exquisite pieces that our owner Karen hand picks from around the globe.  

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 Bring Nature into your Home and bring new life into your existing Decor.  From Lamps to Tea-Lights and Bookends to Gem Trees, we have plenty of fun and interesting ways to bring Nature into your life.  Shop our Home Decor Collection Today!

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Latest Crystal Articles

Gemini: Stones of Empowerment

Gemini: Stones of Empowerment

Happy birthday, Geminis! It’s time for another trip around the sun, and this year, let our knowledgeable staff arm you with tools to meet life and its challenges with a balanced and zen attitude. We have chosen three crystals that are particularly suited for the Gemini temperament. Read on and learn how these crystals can help you be your best self yet!
  • Nancy CBN Staff
Crystals for the Home: The Natural Way to Elevate Your Home or Workspace.

Crystals for the Home: The Natural Way to Elevate Your Home or Workspace.

Everyone knows that nature is good for your health and well-being, but the modern lifestyle has us spending the majority of our time indoors and cut off from the natural world. That’s why it is a wonderful idea to bring more natural elements, such as crystals and stones, into your indoor spaces. 
  • Adrienne Goff
7 Brilliant Ways to Work with Citrine

7 Brilliant Ways to Work with Citrine

I have a confession to make. I have been having a love affair with Citrine for almost two decades now, and we are very happy together. Holding one is like touching the sun itself. Its energy is like crystallized sunbeams that vitalize your cells, outlook, energy, and entire being. Citrine can burn through clouds of negative energy, thoughts, and emotions like a laser, clearing the way for your soul to shine through.

  • Adrienne Goff