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About Us

There is something truly fascinating about the lore of stones. These gifts of nature come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes, and since the dawn of time mankind has been gathering them up, giving them a nice polish, and even whispering about the properties that these beauties might possess.

If you look any civilization that’s been around for a long time, you will always find a tale or two being about the properties of stones, and here at Crystals by Nature, our goal is to share those stories, along with popular word-of-mouth tips for both your entertainment and to enrich your knowledge of each and every stone reviewed.

Keep in mind that this is for informational purposes ONLY. While these stones are certainly magical in their beauty, they shouldn’t be used to diagnose or to treat any existing medical conditions. Instead, we would recommend that if you want to test the lore of a particular stone’s healing or other abilities, that you use such information to ‘accompany’ modern treatment – never to replace it.

At Crystals by Nature, our goal is to simply help you to find the most information on a stone that you can in a single, convenient location. Aside from traditional lore, we’ll also provide you with tips about uses for each stone to help inspire the ways that you employ them and give you a good foundational knowledge of what is said about each stone, so that you can come up with a few of your own.

We’ll do this by analyzing the numerology behind them, providing various types of mediations, and even throwing in some Runic practices, Feng Shui, and other juicy tidbits from various systems so that when you visit us, you can get a little something that you won’t find anywhere else.

Like our readers, we love stones and the lore behind them, with tales such as the Emerald composition of Solomon’s table, the stone-locked Tears of Aphrodite, and even Moldavite’s claim to be the true material from which the Holy Grail was fashioned as just a few examples of the ancient lore that we will share here.

If you love learning about stones and the properties which the ancients have ascribed to them, then we welcome you whole-heartedly, as we are here to provide you with EXACTLY this! So, get comfortable and feel free to stay for a while.

If you’re tired of the websites that repeat the same, often-directly-copied information like a ‘worldwide web of parrots’ then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We here at Crystals by Nature appreciate your visit and since we don’t skimp on the ‘homework’ when it comes to proper research, we hope that you’ll find that elusive bit of lore that you’ve been looking for!