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Amazonite Meaning and Healing Properties

Amazonite Meaning and Healing Properties

Known both as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, Amazonite helps you articulate your deepest and most sincere thoughts in a balanced way.The ultimate diplomat, Amazonite enables you to see multiple points of view and resolve conflicts.

For this reason, Amazonite has been connected to happier marriages and overcoming loneliness. Sleeping with Amazonite can lead to vivid and meaningful dreams.As a Barrier Filter stone, Amazonite protects against electromagnetic pollution. It aligns the chakras, balances the male/female energies, and brings forth inner clarity and optimism. 00002AMAZ

Amazonite Healing Properties: Communication, Inspiration, Truth, Calming, Balance, Harmony

Amazonite Geological Information:
Hardness: 6 to 6.5
Chemical Composition: KA1Si3O8
Crystal System: Triclinic
Color: Turquoise to Blue-Green

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties:
Chakra Alignment: Heart, Throat
Element: Water
Numeric Vibration: Number 5
Astrological Association: Virgo

Amazonite Feng Shui:
Like water, Amazonite is simultaneously still and powerful. Amazonite is traditionally associated with the North, particularly in the career and life path areas of a space, encouraging a balanced and consistent forward motion in these aspects of life.

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  • Abby Ruiz