Aragonite Meaning and Healing Properties

Aragonite Meaning and Healing Properties

Aragonite is a common carbonate mineral, often known for being a polymorph of Calcite. Aragonite has the same chemical composition as Calcite but is different in structure; carbonate ions lie in two planes that point in opposite directions, ridding Calcite's characteristic of trigonal symmetry. That being said, Aragonite is an interesting and attractive mineral; its modes of formation are intriguing as the stone possesses an overall soft and pretty color. Found prominently in Spain, Morocco, and Namibia, Aragonite is said to be unstable at normal surface temperatures and pressures and more stable at higher pressures.

Aragonite’s most famous crystal “habit” is referred to as the twinned pseudo-hexagonal prismatic crystals in which it forms. This phenomenon, also referred to as twinning, occurs when the atomic layer stacking sequence makes a mistake, resulting in a mirror plane that was not there before. This effect increases the apparent symmetry of the crystal causing it to bend, sometimes so much that the Aragonite crystal can appear hexagonal (six-sided).

Aragonite has various unique features as a crystal beside its makeup. Aragonite is known to increase energy and boost self-confidence as well as feelings of self-worth. While said to provide healing insight into the basis of the problems which you confront on the physical plane, this crystal aids in stimulating communication on the higher planes of the spiritual attunement.

The mineral enhances your patience and helps you maintain comfort during conditions requiring the acceptance of an abundance of responsibilities. Aligning with the root, sacral, and crown chakras, Aragonite aids in grounding your mind and body. Aragonite helps you to maintain a strict discipline within your activities. It also enhances reliability and practicality in your commitments and your future goals. During meditation, Aragonite can bring closer connection to the Earth energy and provide physical and emotional healing.

Crystals made of carbonates contain the earth energy of Builders. These particular crystals are outstanding to use when something new needs to be made of something old. Aragonite will help one to rid themselves of negative mental and spiritual problems in order to lead a more productive, positive life.

Patience, Discipline, Stability, Commitment

Hardness: 3.5 to 4
Chemical Composition: CaCO3
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Color: White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Grey, Blue and Brown
Localities: Worldwide

Chakra Alignment: Root, Crown, Sacral
Numeric Vibration: Number 9
Astrological Association: Capricorn

Aragonite would be best placed in the South, in the area of Fame and Reputation. Place aragonite in the center of a room to revitalize health, or use it sparingly in the East to bring stability to the Family and Com

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