Aventurine Meaning and Healing Properties

Aventurine Meaning and Healing Properties

Aventurine is a variety of mineral spangled with bright pieces of Mica, Hematite, and other stones. Aventurine possesses a lustrous green color due to the quantity of other minerals within the Quartz or Feldspar combination. Mostly translucent and often banded, it can also appear blue, reddish-brown, dusty purple, orange or peace, yellow and silver-gray. Located in India, this mineral is also referred to as Indian Jade, used in various forms for metaphysical purposes as well as jewelry making, vases, bowls and figurines, and even monuments. Aventurine glistens and shimmers giving an effect to the stone referred to as “aventurescence”, derived from the Italian ‘a ventura,' meaning “by chance”.

Green Aventurine has multiple uses and purposes, carrying a strong connection to the Earth and the devic kingdom, helping to provide a better understanding and appreciation of nature and its calming vibrations. An excellent stone for gridding houses or gardens, Green Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution. Aventurine also enhances one’s creativity while supplementing motivation in activities, augmenting the “pioneering spirit.” It reinforces one’s decisiveness, amplifies one’s leadership qualities, and has been a willing participant in instinctive as well as intuitive action.

Aventurine facilitates balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric bodies, such that optimal structure and action are both inherent in one’s being. Aventurine is an excellent protector of the heart chakra, providing for a shield to block the entry from those “energy vampires” who wish to “tap-in” and to use the energy of another. Further stimulating the loving aspects of one’s nature, Aventurine continues to protect one from any harmful energies and negativity which may be on a potential or actual incoming route. It has also been used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, and the muscular systems.

Intuition, Creativity, Leadership, Balancing, Instinct, Confidence, Personal Growth

Hardness: 7
Chemical Composition: SiO2 (silicon dioxide) with impurities of Mica
Crystal System: Trigonal
Color: Lustrous Green

Chakra Alignment: Heart
Element: Earth, Water
Numeric Vibration: Number 3
Astrological Association: Aries

Place Green Aventurine in a space focused on growth and new beginnings, such as an office, a child’s room, or the kitchen.

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  • Abby Ruiz