Chrysanthemum Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Chrysanthemum Stone Meaning and Healing Properties


Chrysanthemum Stone is a unique stone with strong metaphysical properties and a distinct outer appearance. Chrysanthemum Stone is a naturally occurring stone made from other minerals, such as gypsum, dolomite, and limestone. It also contains inclusions from various minerals such as Celestite, Calcite, and Feldspar. The order in which the minerals are arranged in the stone give it a black and white color that look similar to a flower, hence the name Chrysanthemum Stone. First discovered in Japan and now found in China, Canada, and the U.S., Chrysanthemum stone possess very strong vibrations that provide exclusive benefits other stones may not.

Chrysanthemum Stone allows one to take the time to drift slowly through the blossoms of life instead of trampling the flowers of experience.  It is a “stone of harmony and change”, encouraging one to understand the correlation between the two.  It further enhances compatibility as serves as an excellent stone for renewal of both love and familial relationships, helping one to progress toward unity.

The Chrysanthemum Stone also inspires, enlivens, and enkindles.  It is quite useful in providing the impetus to begin, or to continue, that which is important in the path of development. It dispels superficiality and mental distractions which can often weaken the mind. It also dispels ignorance, bigotry, and self-righteous attitudes, showing one that a prime reason for being in the physical body is to bring love and all and to, thus, further the amplification of the positive-ness of this world.  It further helps to eliminate jealousy, animosity,  and resentment from one’s character. It assists in the removal of obstructions from one’s path, provides calm confidence, and increases one’s inherent strength of character.  It also brings the joy of achievement, helping to support endeavors of fruition.  The ability to see the “big picture” is facilitated and narrow-minded attitudes are dissipated.


Harmony, Change, Journey, Positive, Personal Development, Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Strength, Confidence, Wealth

Hardness: Variable
Chemical Composition: Variable
Crystal System: Variable
Color: Black with White Flower Patterns
Localities: Japan, China, Belgium and Lake Superior region of the USA

Chakra Alignment: Heart
Numeric Vibration: Number 3
Astrological Association: Taurus and Aquarius

Because Chrysanthemum Stone facilitates new beginnings, it is a great stone for any area of your home where you are looking for a restart and refreshing energy.

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  • Abby Ruiz