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Goldstone Meaning and Healing Properties

Goldstone Meaning and Healing Properties

starts out as a type of glittering glass before taking a smooth polish. A semi precious stone, Goldstone can be carved into beads, figurines, or other artifacts and is often mistaken as a natural material. Its’ sparkly reddish-brown appearance comes from the colloidal copper by which is was created, but can also exist in other color variants based on particular elements. When copper is substituted with cobalt or manganese during production, the end result is blue goldstone or purple goldstone.
It has been said that the original Goldstone was greatly treasured by the Chinese, however, it is historically known as “Monk’s Stone”, due to a monk accidentally knocking some copper shavings onto a pot of molten glass producing what we now know was the beautiful shimmering Goldstone.

The different colors (types) of Goldstone each have specific properties that promote certain energies. Red Goldstone is associated with vitality, while Blue Goldstone is associated with learning and communication.

In general, Goldstone is said to be “the stone of ambition”, building courage and positive attitudes while increasing drive and confidence. Goldstone also carries the ancient properties of Copper, which include attracting abundance and creativity while harmonizing relationships. As an energy generator, Goldstone has the ability to deflect unwanted energies while generating the utmost protection.

As a healing gemstone, Goldstone strengthens the inner self and is extremely helpful when it comes to strengthening the circulatory system. It also reduces inflammation, pain due to arthritis, and toughens the bones.

Ambition, Stamina, Energy, Creativity, Abundance, Optimism

Hardness: 5.5
Crystal System: varies
Color: Golden or Deep Blue with Copper Flecks

Chakra Alignment: Sacral (Gold) and Throat (Blue)
Element: Fire
Numeric Vibration: Number 7
Physical:* Blood, Arthritis, Bones, Stamina
Astrological Association: Leo

Goldstone is a stone of revitalization, and it will bring renewed energy and passion into any area of your life. Place the golden stones in the center of a room to facilitate physical healing. Place blue goldstone in the North or Northeast parts of a space to bring fresh energy to your career and spiritual development respectively.

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  • Abby Ruiz