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Quartz Meaning And Healing Properties

Quartz Meaning And Healing Properties

Quartz is the most abundant healing crystal in the world. Quartz is known as the most powerful, versatile healing stone in the mineral kingdom. Quartz can work in any state, able to perform multiple powers, such as: amplifying energy, programming intentions, shielding against negativity, and attuning to one’s higher self. Quartz is known as the Master Healer, containing all positive qualities and the highest vibrations of any crystal.

There are many different forms of Quartz.

  • Lithium Quartz is a variety of Quartz only found in Brazil. Lithium Quartz contains other minerals other the Quartz other than Lithium, including manganese, aluminum and iron, reason being why some stones have lighter or darker colors than others. Lithium Quartz is known for its calming energy and ability to help stress and relieve tension.
  • Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Love. Rose Quartz helps to clear anger or resentment towards others, allowing one to heal issues of the heart or other matters associated with holding on to negative emotions. Rose Quartz is pink, representing all that is stands for, and can be used to attract love.
  • Candle Quartz is a stone of persistent energy. Candle Quartz brings forth hope, comfort, and gentle energy where one might be experiencing pain. Candle Quartz is known for its high amount of energy, used to balance and soothe the heart chakra. Candle Quartz is mostly white with some translucent hues, resembling to that of a white candle.
  • Smoky Quartz is often used for protection against negative energies. Smokey Quartz has a dark grey to black coloring; inclusions and transparencies can be seen when held to the light. Smoky Quartz is known to enhance survival instincts, bring abundance, and is beneficial mentally in many ways. Smoky Quartz promotes cooperation and grounding while engendering creativity.
  • Rutilated Quartz is a type of quartz that contains needlelike rutile within it. Rutilated Quartz may contain rutile that appears golden, silver, and very rarely green. Rutilated Quartz is an energizing stone that assists with mental focus. Rutilated Quartz is helpful in exposing certain mental issues that may be emotionally destabilizing, assisting in generating clarity of thought and emotional patterns.

Quartz is chemically composed of Silicon Dioxide, (SiO2). Quartz is placed in the triangular crystal system, with a hardness of 7. Quartz vibrates to the number 4 and associates with all astrological signs. Quartz ranges in color, from dark and grainy to white and clear.

Raw Quartz is colorless, whereas Pure Quartz is transparent. There are two classifications of Quartz, macrocrystalline and microcrystalline. Macrocrystalline means individual crystals are can be seen by the naked eye. Microcrystalline means crystals are only visible under high magnification.

Quartz properties change when subjected to heat. When held in one’s hand, Quartz can receive and emit energy. Quartz is known as the “Stone of Power”, naturally harmonizing surrounding energies. Quartz produces natural-balanced, solid-state energy field, meaning the energy changes according to the user. Quartz crystals are highly used for setting intentions, known to enhance psychic abilities and dimensions of the mind. Quartz has been said to create altered states of consciousness, giving one the ability to utilize talents set within the deeper mind.

Quartz provides purification for the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Quartz heals negativity and allows one to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. Quartz generates “light, love, and harmony”, furthering the flow of the universe in the most positive way possible. Quartz clears energy fields and activates energy centers of the body. Quartz is said to be most in tune with the heart chakra and highly responsive to the third-eye chakra. Because of this, Quartz is commonly used during meditation, giving one the ability to focus more clearly and feel one with the self.

Quartz is very popular in terms of spiritual development and healing. Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. Quartz crystals harmonize and align human energies, such as thoughts, consciousness and emotions with the energies of the universe. Quartz has been said to communicate with other minerals, animals, and intelligent forces outside of the physical dimension. Quartz promotes clarity and memory, helping to maintain calmness in all situations. Quartz offers emotional stability and balanced thinking. The most powerful healing properties of Quartz are its ability to promote harmony and rid surrounding negativity.

Quartz may be used for any physical condition. Raw Quartz is said to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow and promoting balance within and throughout the body. Used to treat migraine headaches, vertigo, in stabilizing dizziness or motion sickness, Quartz is believed to assist with weight loss, fatigue, and issues with one's metabolism.


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