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Obsidian: The Stone of Truth

Obsidian: The Stone of Truth

Obsidian: The Stone of Truth

Born out of volcanic activity, obsidian is a powerful, lustrous black stone. Energy travels through obsidian with remarkable ease due to its amorphous molecular structure, giving it a high vibration and powerful connection to the earth’s core. From early human existence, obsidian has been used for physical and metaphysical protection and self-reflection. These attributes make it a popular stone for healing and spiritual work.

History of Obsidian
Artifacts from as early as 700,000 BC show humans interacting with obsidian. By 12,500 BC, obsidian was being used to craft sharp tools, particularly knives and arrowheads. Because of its reflective surface, it was used to create some of the earliest, rudimentary mirrors. The practical uses of this volcanic glass were clear, but early civilizations used obsidian with spiritual intent as well. In the Middle Ages, obsidian was believed to repel demonic spirits. Ancient Egyptians included obsidian among their magic stones, looking for protection, healing, and guidance for the soul after death. Olmec and Mayan cultures found uses for obsidian in nearly every aspect of life, including healing practices and art.


What Obsidian Offers
Obsidian is a protector and a truth-teller. It absorbs negativity, resentment, anger, and fear, and dissipates them. It clears psychic blockages and replaces mental and emotional fog with clarity. Gazing into obsidian can work as a mirror to reflect back inner truths that will stimulate spiritual growth and help heal past traumas. Self-reflection is enhanced with obsidian’s sometimes brutal honesty, offering opportunities for growth, increased compassion, and confidence. For this reason, obsidian is a powerful catalyst for change. Thankfully, obsidian bolsters self-control, creativity, and stability, assisting with these difficult transitions.


Obsidian is a highly regarded stone for psychic communication. The shining black surface acts as a connecting tool with the universe, spiritual guides, and the subconscious. Obsidian can also stimulate prophecy and illuminate undiscovered psychic gifts. Because it resonates with the root chakra, obsidian offers a sturdy grounding force while in deep exploration of the astral plane.

How to Work with Obsidian
The intensity of Obsidian should not be understated. Because of its strength and its propensity for revealing hidden truths, work with obsidian can be challenging. Rose quartz, aventurine, and chrysocolla can help soften the truths that obsidian may reveal.


Obsidian can be placed near the base chakra to cleanse the aura and the physical body. As a healing stone, obsidian is most often associated with the intestines and digestive system. It is also said to relieve joint pain, such as arthritis. Alternatively, obsidian may also be helpful as a third eye stone, bringing about visions or increasing foresight.


Placing obsidian in the north Bagua area of a room can help clear obstacles from career and personal life journeys. Scrying with obsidian may reveal new knowledge about past lives, hidden personal attributes, or greater connection to spiritual guides and universal truths.


Variations of Obsidian

Depending on the cut of this volcanic glass, obsidian can display sheens of gold, purple, green, or reddish-brown. The various swirls and streaks of color result in varieties such as rainbow obsidian, gold sheen obsidian, silver sheen obsidian, mahogany obsidian, and spider web obsidian. Snowflake obsidian is formed when the obsidian begins to crystallize, and radial patches of white and gray erupt throughout the stone.

All variations of obsidian possess the attributes of black obsidian, but each is unique in its temperament. Snowflake and mahogany obsidian are gentler, particularly known to assist with balancing emotions and stabilizing the spirit. Rainbow obsidian often provides insight into relationships and romantic love. Gold sheen obsidian aids in manifestation, and it can bring success along with humility. Silver sheen obsidian heals past traumas and alleviates emotional burdens. Apache Tears, another variation of obsidian, are stones often used to alleviate grief and sadness.

Obsidian should be approached with respect and an open mind.

It shines light into dark, unknown spaces, which can mean bringing out difficult truths. With the right mindset, obsidian is a powerful tool for developing spiritual gifts and connecting deeply with the internal and external realms.

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