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Amber, The Gentle Healer

Amber, The Gentle Healer

Amber: The Gentle Healer

What is Amber?
Unlike most other powerful healing crystals, Amber is made entirely of organic material. Millions of years ago, Amber began as tree resin. As it aged, the resin became encased in dirt, where it was subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Eventually, the fossilized resin resulted in gorgeous, golden amber. Amber has played an important role in paleontology because many gems feature insects and plant matter from the distant past. Amber is primarily rich, honey-yellow, orange, or light brown, but there are rare red and green varieties. Blue amber from the Dominican Republic, which shines with blue fluorescence, is especially precious.

Amber has an amorphous structure, allowing it to absorb and emit energy easily. Amber conducts an electric charge, and it warms quickly when touching the skin. One of the least dense gems, amber floats in salt water. Though it is a lightweight, soft stone, amber has strong healing capabilities.

Properties of Amber
Amber is a welcoming, personable stone. Known for its abundant optimism, Amber can lift spirits and help alleviate depression. It unites the physical and emotional aspects of life, providing a grounding force that can lead to greater peace of mind. Amber helps release the negative energies associated with anxiety and stress, offering daily contentment and serenity.

Amber is connected to the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Incorporating amber into solar plexus energy work can increase determination and promote confident decision-making. Balancing the sacral chakra is important for maintaining healthy relationships, discovering creative forces, and expressing inner emotions.

Amber is a gem that promotes movement and flexibility. Both spiritually and physically, amber facilitates smooth flow of energy and ideas. In the body, this can mean increasing circulation, protecting joints, and aiding digestion. Amber is a gentle healer, and with its use, ailments often disappear quietly before they are noticed.

Working with Amber

Keeping amber within the aura for extended periods of time is one of the most effective methods for receiving these gifts. Most recommend wearing amber in a necklace or ring in order to increase contact with the skin. To increase creativity, amber can be used with other sacral stones, such as golden labradorite or natural carnelian. Combine amber with jet or manganite for magnified healing properties.

Because amber is a soft stone, it requires gentle handling and conscientious care. Only clean amber with a soft cloth and avoid exposure to alcohol, perfumes, and cleansers.

Amber possesses a quiet, balanced strength ideal for everyday use.
Its subtle power works to increase joy, uncover creative talents, and revitalize the physical body. Amber calms the chaos of life and gently encourages healthy spiritual balance.

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