Reach Your Goals with the Healing Power of Crystals

by Nancy CBN Staff January 01, 2017 1 Comment

Reach Your Goals with the Healing Power of Crystals

Many of us see the New Year as a time to reflect, evaluate and set goals for the upcoming 12 months. Often these goals focus on a means of self improvement: drink less, lose weight, meditate, learn something new or work on an important relationship. If in years’ past you have failed to realize your goals, do not despair--we have the tools to help you keep those resolutions. Accomplish all your goals in 2017 by harnessing the healing power of crystals.

Drink less with Amethyst-
Lore has it that wearing Amethyst during a drinking binge will prevent drunkenness. While the accuracy of this statement is questionable, many have found Amethyst to be a powerful stone for those attempting sobriety. Whether you’re attempting to detoxify after one too many drunken celebrations or have finally decided that 2017 will be your year of sobriety, Amethyst can help support your goals. Try carrying one or more  tumbled Amethyst stones on you at all times to curb Bacchanalian appetites. 

Amethyst Cluster Healing Crystal

Lose Weight with Carnelian and Apatite -
Love and Light Healing School suggests that Carnelian’s high energetic properties will rev up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories, while giving you the energy to exercise. Meanwhile, the appropriately named Apatite will help curb hunger. Together these stones can help you shed those holiday pounds. Accessorize your outfits with this Apatite Chip Necklace and place a Carnelian Palm Stone in your pocket to reduce your hunger and feel energized throughout the day.

Blue Apatite Chip Necklace, Healing Crystals

Meditate with Quartz - 
With the ability to clear the mind of distractions, Quartz is the ideal crystal to help those either wishing to learn meditation or deepen meditative practices. Appropriate for all chakras,
Quartz can clear energy blockages that may be causing harm; in turn, clear chakras will enable a more constructive meditation, allowing for better contact and communication with the spiritual realm. Hold this clear Quartz Heart during your next meditation and feel your mind clear as your being fills with light and love.

Clear Quartz Heart, Healing Crystal


Learn Something New with Sapphire -
Known as the stone of wisdom, Sapphires can reduce mental tension, allowing the mind to focus and concentrate--necessary skills for gaining new knowledge. Try placing this sapphire on your altar
 or in another highly visible place within reach. Touch the stone before you tackle a new project, skill or subject and feel your mind clear and sharpen its focus. Subsequent learning will be a breeze.

Sapphire Healing Crystal

Improve your Relationships and Find Love with Rose Quartz-
The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz strengthens and deepens all relationships as it teaches us the true meaning of love. Rose Quartz can both attract love to your life and can help heal psychic and emotional wounds that are related to heartache. Place one of our Rose Quartz Tea Light Holders
 on an altar or mantelpiece, light it, and feel your heart expand with an infinite love. Don’t be surprised when you find the universe returning your love in exponential amounts.

Rose Quartz Tea Light Holder, Healing Crystals

Use the healing and energetic properties of the aforementioned crystals to ensure success in accomplishing your goals this 2017. By amplifying energy, crystals essentially provide an extra energetic boost, which can make all the difference in seeing our resolutions through to the end. Have a goal/resolution not listed above? Leave us a comment and we’ll reply with a crystal to help you achieve your dreams!

Nancy CBN Staff
Nancy CBN Staff

Nancy has been a writer and blogger at Crystals by Nature since June 2016. Despite a lifelong interest in metaphysics, Barnard is relatively new to the world of crystals (although she did have a rather impressive geode collection as a child). Prior to her tenure at Crystals By Nature, Barnard produced and wrote plays for a community theatre and taught writing at Austin Community College. When not delving into the world of crystals, she enjoys reading, community building and spending time with her family.

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January 04, 2017

wow! what a quick and concise reference guide to best optimize the goal setting power of intention with crystaline charge.
hats of to Nancy for this well laid out snip-bit!

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