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Christmas and Children: The Gift of Healing

Christmas and Children: The Gift of Healing

Every year my children excitedly unwrap their Christmas gifts: Legos, video games, the latest battery operated toy. Unfortunately, after a month or two has passed, most of these gifts end up collecting dust on a shelf, forgotten about or broken and unrepairable. Often the kids can’t even remember who the gifts are from.

Last year my husband and I decided to change our approach to Christmas. Instead of filling our house with meaningless loot, we chose gifts that enhanced the wellbeing of our family and reinforced our values of love, compassion and giving to others. With these principles in mind, check out our Christmas guide for children's gifts.

Rose Quartz Bonsai Tree, Healing Crystals

Rose Quartz Bonsai Tree - My youngest loves the unexpectedness of this Rose Quartz Bonsai Tree. Beautiful, glittering pink Rose Quartz crystals cluster on delicate branches, and radiate a gentle, loving and healing energy. At the base, rich purple Amethyst crystals support the tree’s roots, transmuting energy into love. I love watching my daughter incorporate this gem tree into her imaginative play, and I can literally feel the loving vibrations fill the room in an exchange of energy between her and the crystals. Our Bonsai Trees are available in a variety of colors and crystals that appeal to all ages and genders. 

Cat Evolution Salt Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps - My middle daughter has a fear of the dark, and from an early age has had a night light in her room. Last year we gifted her with a Himalayan Salt Lamp in the shape of a catNow the cat gently glows through the long hours of the night, soothing her anxiety with the negative ions that fill the room. Himalayan Salt Lamps are available in an array of forms: dolphins, turtles, angels, elephants, horses and owls. There’s a Himalayan Salt Lamp for everyone.

 Blue Goldstone Crystal Skull

Crystal Skulls - My oldest daughter is at the age when she’s attempting to form a unique identity separate from our family and her friends. She has stopped wearing the glittery pink frocks of her childhood in favor of black clothing and accessories; her reading and music choices reflect the angst of adolescence; and crystal skulls have replaced her collection of stuffed animals. This latest development actually pleases me. Despite their macabre appearance, skulls serve as a protective force, working on behalf of those to whom they have bonded. Crystal Skulls make the perfect gift for teenagers who are expanding their worlds and seeking independence. It’s a little bit of added assurance for the nervous parent as well. For more information on the power and history of skulls, read this blog entry. 

Moss Agate Sphere, Healing Crystals

Crystal Spheres - My children love the idea of magic and spend hours pretending to be wizards gazing into their crystal spheres, where they discover untold secrets of the future. Their favorite spheres include this Tiger’s Eye Sphere and this Moss Agate Sphereboth remind them of planets, on which magical, alien populations exist and the unknown unfolds. The spheres have the added benefit of providing sensory satisfaction with their round shape, which kids love to roll around in their hands.

Any of the aforementioned gifts are sure to please the children in your life, and all have the added benefit of being tools of love and healing. But don't stop there! Spend some time perusing our website, and find gifts of light and love for all your friends and family, no matter their age. Let’s bring some meaning back to Christmas this year -- Give your dear ones healing crystals and support their health and peace for many years to come.

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