Crystals for Depression

by Nancy CBN Staff January 28, 2017

Crystals for Depression

Many people find January to be the most depressing month of the year. The excitement of Christmas and the New Year is over, and although the days are slowly getting longer, the psyche is fed up with the lack of sunlight and outdoor time. In fact, some claim that the third Monday of every January is the glummest day of the year . A combination of debt, post-holiday blues, and weather contribute to an overall collective malaise that is not fully remedied until June 24th-- the happiest day in our annual trip around the sun.

Considering that the pinnacle of happiness is still five months away, Crystals by Nature has put together a list of crystals that can help provide a lightness of being in these times of darkness. If you, too, are suffering from the blues this January, experiment with the following recommendations:

Orange Calcite is the perfect crystal for problem solving. One cannot help but feel warmed and well when in the presence of this warm-hued gem. Mental fog seems to lift, allowing one to clearly see what is needed to fix a situation, a perspective that is empowering when facing the abyss of depression. Orange Calcite is especially helpful for problems and depression related to the lower chakras. Plug in an Orange Calcite Lamp  and feel your soul warm in response.

Orange Calcite Lamp Crystals for Depression

embodies the power of the sun and has the ability to both cleanse and regenerate. Sometimes depression is caused when people feel incapable of making needed change. As a stone of manifestation, Citrine can help empower change and transitions, giving the user the tools needed to shape one’s destiny. Citrine removes destructive thoughts and tendencies, and instead, offers empowerment and self esteem. 

Citrine Crystals for Depression

Iron Pyrite -  Lately it feels like the collective consciousness is in a funk. The news is filled with horrific stories that tax the psyche, and everywhere faces are filled with frowns and downcast eyes. Being surrounded by so much negative energy can eventually take its toll on even the most positive souls. Enter Iron Pyrite--a natural negative energy shield. Iron Pyrite can prevent our energy fields from absorbing negativity, and as a result, Iron Pyrite is great for melancholy and deep despair. This Pyrite Sun  is the perfect talisman on a dark and dreary winter’s day. Hold the Pyrite Sun while meditating and imagine warming, protective energy radiating into your palms, protecting you with its healing shield. Or use this Pyrite Massage Wand to add an extra layer of energetic protection in your next bodywork session.

Pyrite Sun Healing Crystals for Depression

Lapis LazuliSometimes depression is caused when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are out of alignment – a common occurrence after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that can restore balance by harmonizing the bodies and unblocking chakras. Lapis Lazuli encourages self awareness and motivates users to take charge of their lives and health. This empowerment strengthens all the bodies and leads to a state of contentment and happiness.  

Lapis Lazuli Sphere Healing Crystals for Depression

Lepidolite -  Depression often takes the form of obsessive thinking that focuses on perceived flaws, inadequacies and past failures. This form of thinking can interrupt sleep, causing insomnia and general despondency. Breaking these habitual ways of thinking can be challenging, but Lepidolite can help. Lepidolite can halt obsessive thinking and many other addictive behaviors, while helping people to get some much needed rest. Try placing a Lepidolite Point  next to your bed, and allow its transformative and healing energies to be directed into the atmosphere.

Lepidolite Point Healing Crystals for Depression

Lithium Quartz - Often people feel depressed without a readily identified root cause. In such cases, Lithium Quartz can be quite useful crystal. Lithium Quartz can bring the root causes of depression to the surface, so that people can identify and work on these subconscious issues. The causes of depression can be deeply buried at times, harkening back to unresolved childhood trauma or even emotional baggage from previous lives. Lithium Quartz is especially good for such unresolved past traumas. Try placing this piece of Lithium Quartz  under your pillow or in your hands during mediation. Note any memories or sensations that may trickle up to the consciousness.

Lithium Quartz Crystal for Healing Depression

Smoky QuartzLife can often be overwhelming, especially when everything seemingly hits at once. If you find yourself feeling down with life’s demands, Smoky Quartz can help. Smoky Quartz fortifies one’s resolve, giving the stamina needed to take on whatever life hits you with. At the same time, Smoky Quartz can calm emotions, while encouraging positive thinking. Try wearing this beautiful Smoky Quartz Necklace on challenging days, or place this Smoky Quartz Cluster on your desk or a visible space.

Smoky Quartz Chip Necklace for Healing Depression

Sardonyx is great for depression and unhappiness caused by relationships. It can fortify and bring stability to marriages and partnerships, which in turn promotes happiness and wellbeing. Sardonyx also attracts friends and good fortune, in part, because it brings the confidence needed to reach out and make connections. Fill a bowl with these Sardonyxstones and place near your bed or on a prominent shelf in the house. Allow Sardonyx’s positive vibrations to work its magic in your space.

Sardonyx Crystals for Depression

While the long days of summer and light are still months away, do not despair these winter months. Crystals By Nature has a crystal for whatever may be getting you down. Is something bothering you that was not mentioned in this article? Please comment below or send an email to our staff. We would love to help you find a crystal to meet your needs.

Nancy CBN Staff
Nancy CBN Staff

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