Crystals – Nature's Natural Sleep Remedy

Crystals – Nature's Natural Sleep Remedy

For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulties with sleep, and as I grow older, these difficulties have only gotten worse. I am constantly trying new ways to trick my body into rest: aromatherapy, hot baths, orange glasses to block blue light, etc. All have worked to varying degrees but none have provided complete relief.

When I started work at Crystals by Nature, I immediately started researching and experimenting with crystals whose energetic properties were reported to help with sleep. Below are the crystals that I have found to best promote those coveted Zzzz's.

Amethyst: A powerful healing stone that promotes contentment and peace, Amethyst's soothing purple hues can calm the body and mind to promote deep, restful sleep. Place a tumbled stone under your pillow or place a cluster lamp on your bedside table and allow the relaxing, warm glow to lull you to sleep.

Amethyst Healing Crystal, Amethyst Cluster


Lapis Lazuli: One of my favorite stones, I find myself relaxing the instant I see Lapis Lazuli's tranquil blue hues--its cream colored bands make me feel like I'm staring down at the Earth from a zero gravity position in space. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of regeneration, and it helps promote restorative sleep. Like Amethyst, Lapiz Lazuli can also be placed under the pillow, where your body can absorb its calming vibrations all night long. I, however, am a fan of the Lapis Sphere. I keep this sphere on my nightstand, and on restless nights, I lose myself in contemplating its banded patterns. Eventually, my eyes grow heavy with fatigue, and I drift off to sleep.

Lapis Lazuli Crystals, Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stones, Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystals


Lepidolite: Sleep is often allusive because we are unable to calm the mind and relax from the day's activities. Lepidolite is a well-known antidote for the over-active mind. With its calming energetic vibrations, Lepidolite can quell obtrusive thoughts that prevent one from obtaining sleep. Lepidolite can also release physical tension, allowing the body to achieve a heavy feeling that will help lead to sleep. Try placing a Lepidolite Angel next to your bed, and allow the angel's protective and calming energies to calm your body and mind the whole night through.

Lepidolite Healing Crystals, Lepidolite Towers, Lepidolite Rough Crystals


By using the crystals above, I have tamed my insomniac ways. Before bedtime, I will often take a hot bath filled with lavender oil, followed by a short meditation with each of the aforementioned crystals. On particularly challenging evenings, I will simply stare at the crystals, getting lost in the individual undulations of color and textural changes. Eventually my eyes will grow heavy and I will nod off to a sound and restorative sleep.

How do you combat insomnia? Which crystals are your favorite for inducing sleep?

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  • Nancy CBN Staff
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  • Louise Gaudet
    Louise Gaudet

    Dearest Angel Adrienne, Bless your heart for poetically sharing Atlantean wisdom, exquisite knowingness and gifted voyaging into crystalline heart-soul signatures, songs, poetry. I gave my son an amethyst for his birthday Jan 26. Now he falls asleep quickly and sleeps deeply, peacefully for the first time in his 22 years. At the same time, a moldavite pendant beckoned me. I immediately felt my heart expand, laughing, spinning, flashing Sacred Geometrics. Subtle senses of child-like wonder are reawakening. Thank you so much. Appreciatively, Louise

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