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Gemini: Stones of Empowerment

Gemini: Stones of Empowerment

 Happy birthday, Geminis! It’s time for another trip around the sun, and this year, let our knowledgeable staff arm you with tools to meet life and its challenges with a balanced and zen attitude. We have chosen three crystals that are particularly suited for the Gemini temperament. Read on and learn how these crystals can help you be your best self yet!

 If you choose only one crystal to work with this next year, choose Agate. A grounding and balancing stone, Agates harmonize yin and yang energies, which are often out-of-whack with Geminis. This unbalance can cause Geminis to seem indecisive and wishy-washy, traits that carry over into their love lives and affect relationships. For example, Geminis are known for their flirtatiousness and tendency to flit from relationship to relationship, in constant search of their twin or soul mate. Agates can calm and soothe this restlessness, helping Gemini to accept one’s whole self instead of continually looking for a soul to complete them. Struggling with a wandering spirit? Try carrying some of our Tumbled Agate Stones on your person for calming and grounding energies.

 Tiger’s Eye is another good choice for the Gemini arsonal; this crystal brings much-needed focus to the sometimes scattered and unfocused energies of this sign. In constant need of novelty and stimulation, Gemini has a tendency to grow disinterested and fidgety when unchallenged. As a result, Gemini are not always the best at setting and accomplishing long-term goals as they can grow bored and lack follow through. Tiger’s Eye crystals can help ground Geminis so that they can focus. To make the most of Tiger’s Eye’s focusing powers, consider placing a Tiger’s Eye Sphere on an altar or shelf, so that the crystal’s grounding energy can radiate and fill Gemini’s environment.


Symbolized by twins, Geminis are known for their dual-natures. Often presenting a public persona that is different from the internal self, most Geminis need work on integrating the various aspects of their personalities. Obsidian is a powerful tool for such integration work; it can cast light on one’s shadow self, thereby causing a catharsis of negative and buried emotions. When hidden emotions are brought to the forefront and processed, all aspects of  personality can be incorporated into the whole self. Such integration can be an especially challenging feat for the two-faced Gemini as it works counter to Gemini’s instincts. Our staff recommends working with an Obsidian Skull--skulls can be a symbolic stand-in for Gemini’s missing twin and will help Gemini uncover the hidden self.




Find your focus and balance this year by working with one of the aforementioned crystals. Peruse our extensive collection of of Agate, Tiger’s Eye and Obsidian, and you’re sure to find a shape that suits your individual needs. We are so convinced that these products will help you realize your fullest potential that we are offering a 10% discount on all Agate, Tiger’s Eye, and Obsidian products until June 21st.  Happy birthday, Gemini.


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