What are Crystal Grids? A Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

by Nancy CBN Staff November 08, 2016

What are Crystal Grids?  A Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

Gridding is the practice of arranging crystals according to a geometric pattern and charging this formation with a specific intention that one hopes to manifest. It is based on the principles of sacred geometry, and it typically uses thirteen crystals and a printed grid pattern. With the guidance of a coworker and the hopes of increasing my energy levels, I recently decided to give gridding a try.

First, I needed to decide what pattern to use for my grid, and this decision required Plato, the father of sacred geometry. According to Plato's concept of sacred geometry, God created the world using geometric principles. Mathematical principles can be found in any natural shape in the universe from a honeybee's hexagonal honey cells to the spiral shaped shells of snails. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used geometric ratios and figures in their architecture and design. In art, Leonardo de Vinci used sacred geometry to create the Vitruvian man--his explanation of how sacred geometry works within the human form.

Sacred geometry begins with a form known as the "Flower of Life" (Figure A)--a form that can be studied for years as its shapes are rich with symbolic meaning. As a novice to both gridding and sacred geometry, my coworker recommended starting with the "Metatron Cube," (Figure B) a form that can be found within the Flower of Life.

Flower of Life, Healing crystals, Crystal Grid

FIGURE A - Flower of Life

Metatron Cube, Healing Crystals, Crystal Grid, Sacred Geometry

FIGURE B - Metatron Cube

The Metatron Cube is significant because it contains Plato's five solids within its bounds, and many crystal practitioners base their grid designs off of these five shapes. They are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and Icosahedron. 

Energy Muse provides a detailed discussion of the symbolic meanings for each of Plato's five solids. I have paraphrased here:

1.    Tetrahedron: With four triangular sides, the tetrahedron represents the element of fire and is useful for manifestations of spiritual energy and change.

2.    Cube: The cube has 6 square sides and symbolizes the element of Earth. It is useful for manifestations of stability, patience, and consistency and is useful for grounding purposes.

3.    Octahedron: The octahedron's 8 triangular sides represent the element of air. This shape is useful for balancing the mind, body and spirit. It's also helpful when learning new things.

4.    Dodecahedron: With its 12 pentagonal sides, the dodecahedron symbolizes the universe and is useful for manifesting and working with divine spirit.

5.    Icosahedron: The icosahedron has 20 triangular sides and represents the element of water. This shape contains the wisdom of the universe and encourages people "to go with the flow." Helps with the creative process and fertility.

For the purposes of my desire to manifest energy, I decided to start at the spiritual level and chose the tetrahedron for my grid shape. I easily found this image online and printed it out for my grid. The more challenging part, for me, was deciding on what type of crystals to use.

Grids are set up using thirteen crystals that are chosen based on the properties they bring through their structures and color. Typically a focus stone is placed in the center of the grid. The focus stone gathers, focuses and amplifies energy both into the grid and the ether. Although the focus stone can be any shape, I decided on a single-terminated point Quartz crystal. Quartz is known to amplify the energetic properties of other crystals, and as a focus stone, its amplification abilities seemed appropriate.

Single Terminated Quartz Point, Quart Healing Crystal, Quart Crystal Focus Stone

Immediately encircling the focus stone are six crystals known as Way Stones. Way stones shape and modify the energy from the focus stone before sending the universal energy onward to the final circle of the grid. For my way stones I chose Citrine, which is known for its joy, energy and lightness. I liked envisioning Citrine adding "feel good, happy vibes" to the universal life force before sending the energy on to its final destination.

Citrine Stones, Citrine Healing crystals


The desire/destination stones are the outermost stones on a grid, and they represent the ultimate outcome that the grid is attempting to manifest. Since my ultimate outcome is an increase in spiritual energy, I decided upon Moldavite for this circle. Moldavite is well known for its transformative abilities, particularly in the realm of spirit. It is a powerful crystal and appropriate for the final ring of my manifestation.

Before setting up my crystal grid, I first found a suitable space in my home. With kids constantly running amok, it had to be placed out of reach but within sight. A high dresser with a mirror proved the perfect spot--even if I wasn't looking directly at my grid, the mirror provided glimpses every time I walked into the room.

Using a sage stick, I carefully smudged my room, paying particular attention to the area in which I'd set up my grid. When the area was cleansed to my satisfaction, I set up my printed  tetrahedron grid. In the center, I placed a folded piece of paper on which I had written my intention for the grid: To energize my spirit. On top of my intention, I placed my focus stone--the Quartz single terminated point, followed by the Citrine and then the Moldavite. Though I had done nothing beyond setting up my grid, I felt overcome with delight and giddiness at my creation.

I now had my grid and crystals but was clueless about the next step. Luckily, I found a lovely step-by-step guide for activating the crystal grid on Crystal Vaults. A sucker for space imagery, I knew that their imagined journey to the center of the universe for grid activation would produce some powerful results when channeled through my mind. The following is a slightly adapted version of the crystal grid mediation they describe.

Standing in front of the grid and closing my eyes, I took some deep breathes and tried to focus. While picturing the nighttime sky, I imagined myself traveling to the center of the universe. Planets and the spiral shapes of far off galaxies passed beneath my feet and above my head. The passing by stars pulsed with energy that I absorbed, filling me with power. Soon, I sense the center of existence nearby, and as I approach, I envision my crystal grid. I hold a double-terminated clear Quartz point in my hand, which I use as a wand to collect the celestial energy I find at the center of existence.

Double-terminated Quartz Crystal, Quartz Wand, Healing Quartz Crystal, Crystal Grid


As the energy flows into my wand, I charge it with the power of the universal life force. Carefully, I touch my wand to the Quartz focus stone, and I envision and feel the energy flowing into it. I see the energy pulsing outward from the focus stone and down the grid paths to the Citrine Way Stones, lighting them from within until they look like glowing campfires. The Citrine crystals then transmit the energy to the Moldavite, and I begin to focus on filling my spiritual being with this brilliant energy. I see a happy, energized me whose life is balanced and rich with spiritual joy. I see this vision of myself pulsing within the grid and its energies. I close my eyes, take a deep breathe, and it's over. My grid has been activated.

Over the next few weeks, I look at my grid frequently and every time, I remember that spiritually charged and  joyful version of myself hanging out in the center of the universe. This image always makes me smile and is enough to put a little extra bounce in my step. And although nothing dramatic happens to my spiritual energy levels in the days that follow, by-and-by I do feel energy returning to all areas of my life and lethargy dissipating. Maybe I was able to truly manifest abundant energy through the crystal grid, or maybe the crystals serve as a visual reminder to take time to care for myself.

Have you used a crystal grid before? Describe it. Were you successful in manifesting your desires?

Nancy CBN Staff
Nancy CBN Staff

Nancy has been a writer and blogger at Crystals by Nature since June 2016. Despite a lifelong interest in metaphysics, Barnard is relatively new to the world of crystals (although she did have a rather impressive geode collection as a child). Prior to her tenure at Crystals By Nature, Barnard produced and wrote plays for a community theatre and taught writing at Austin Community College. When not delving into the world of crystals, she enjoys reading, community building and spending time with her family.

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