Crystals for Valentine’s Day: From "In Love" to "All Alone" and Everything in Between.

Crystals for Valentine’s Day:  From

Crystals for Valentine’s Day: 

From "In Love" to "All Alone" and Everything in Between.

The grocery store aisles are now a sea of red and pink; cascading with heart-shaped chocolate boxes, gushy teddy bears, rosy sentiments, and other plastic tokens of this grand concept called love. Depending on your personal circumstances, Valentine’s Day can bring about feelings of blissful elation or abysmal dread. The crystal kingdom has got your back, no matter where you are in the relationship cycle—and especially if you are off the wheel for now. Remember, this day is all about love, and there is a perfect crystal to support your unique situation and needs on Valentine’s Day and beyond. So skip the red wine and cheap drug store chocolate. Give yourself the gift of beautiful crystals instead--zero calories, a natural buzz, satisfaction guaranteed! Need some shopping guidance? We’ve got you covered:

Rhodonite: The Breakup Remedy. Your partner actually had the nerve to break up with you right before Valentine’s Day? His or her loss, obviously! Allow Rhodonite to come to the rescue. The presence of Black Manganese in Rhodonite gives it a stabilizing and balancing effect on the emotions. And let’s face it, breakups can bring up all kinds of unpleasant emotions: anger, grief, anxiety, depression, shock, and a sense of betrayal or abandonment. Rhodonite helps you to heal and soothe these emotions, while putting them into the proper perspective. If you are one who is prone to retaliation, Rhodonite will encourage you to take a deep breath and think it through before proceeding. It is a stone of forgiveness, which will help you to let go and move on. Working with Rhodonite in the aftermath of a breakup will help you to put it behind you faster, so that you can say to the Universe, “Next! I am now ready for the right partner.”

Rose Quartz: Purveyor of Self Love. Have you been single for a while? Are you feeling lonely while waiting for the right partner to show up? It’s actually a beautiful place to be in, because the Universe is giving you time and space to work on the only relationship that truly matters—the one with yourself. And once you get that one right, you will be ready when he or she comes in. There is no better stone than Rose Quartz for encouraging you to love yourself more. If you feel lonely, Rose Quartz will fill your heart with its loving presence, comforting you and reminding you that you are precious and worthy. If you are still carrying wounds in the heart from past experiences, Rose Quartz can help to heal them. If your heart is closed as a protective mechanism, Rose Quartz can encourage a gentle opening and greater receptivity to love. You can never go wrong with Rose Quartz, the perfect remedy for all matters of the heart.

Morganite: The Crystalline Cupid. If you are beyond ready for your soul mate to enter the picture, look no further than Morganite. It is the crystal version of a matchmaker. Morganite can send out a magnetic beam to pull in a partner that is your harmonious vibrational match. I should know, because I used it to attract my beloved—and we have been going strong for seven years now! We share many other lifetimes and a similar vision of spirituality and healing, which was my top requirement. Like Emerald, Morganite belongs to the beryl family, and so it is sometimes referred to as the “Pink Emerald.” It helps you to be more abundant in love, increasing the amount and quality that you experience. As an activator of the high heart, it assists you in accessing Divine love—a truer vibration of heart energy that transcends human judgment and 3-D distortions. Morganite elevates the heart and opens the door for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Garnet:  New Love & Bliss Enhancer. Is there any better feeling in the Universe than being in a brand new romantic relationship? Everything is so fresh, vivid, ecstatic—and it makes the whole world feel like it is showered in pixie dust. Wouldn’t you do anything to hold onto that feeling? Garnet can keep the passion going in a sustainable way. It is known as the stone of devotion and commitment, encouraging the continuation and evolution of positive relationships. Garnet raises the kundalini energy in a safe way, and it enhances sensuality and sexual potency. It can also have a balancing effect on sexual energy, so that you don’t fizzle out too soon. Garnet has a protective quality that can create a safe space while the relationship grows. Its energetic reach also includes the higher chakras, which helps you to tune into the spiritual level of your bond. Garnet is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved, and you’ll definitely receive the benefit, too. Let the good times roll!

Lepidolite: Rocky Relationship RX. Is the honeymoon phase over? Relationships aren’t always roses and champagne. Once the butterflies leave, things get real. Our partners are often mirrors, showing us areas within ourselves that still need some work. If you’ve hit a rough patch in your relationship, it’s time to work with Lepidolite. Lepidolite is a beautiful stone in the pink, lavender, and purple color spectrum, and it has a high lithium content. Lithium stones naturally emit a calming energy that can counteract feelings of panic, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, and other uncomfortable emotional states. It feels like a soothing balm that can smooth out frazzled nerves and help you to take a deep breath, relax, and let go. So grab it if you feel an argument coming on or if you need a little TLC in the aftermath of one. It does a great job of cleaning up negative vibrations, and it also helps you to set clear boundaries so that you avoid negative situations in the first place. Lepidolite also supports you in doing the inner work necessary to heal issues highlighted by the relationship, such as co-dependency, victimhood, and other psychological patterns. Allow Lepidolite to help you smooth things over and restore the loving flow.

Carnelian: Gemstone Aphrodisiac to Reignite the Spark. Do you love your partner, but feel like the relationship has lost some of its luster? Have the chores and routines of daily living taken over the spontaneity? If your date night has devolved into always doing the same thing--wearing sweatpants and watching Hulu--it might be time to spice things up with Carnelian. Carnelian can light up the sacral chakra (your sexual center) like a firecracker, vitalizing your desires and getting those juices flowing again. If your energy levels or hormones are low, it will boost your body. Carnelian is also a great motivator to make things happen. It will embolden you to ask for what you want and need, and to try new things. Playfulness, zest, eroticism, passion—you deserve these things and can recapture them in your relationship. Just put down the remote and pick up a Carnelian.

As you can see, there is a crystal for every reason and season in the love department. No matter where you find yourself on Valentine’s Day, be sure to love yourself first and foremost. And give yourself permission to buy a new crystal in commemoration of February 14th—it’s an act of self-love!

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