Amber has enthralled and delighted humans since the 4th century, BC. Warm and enticing, this fossilized tree resin's popularity is even immortalized in legend. According to the story, Jurate, the queen of the sea, falls in love with a fisherman named Kastytis. Jurate's father is a jealous and controlling man and is angered by her love for the fisherman. To punish his amorous daughter, he destroys Jurate's Amber palace in a fit of rage, pieces of which can still be found on the Baltic beaches.

In the aforementioned legend, Amber's weightless quality allows it to easily be carried by the powerful oceanic waves to shore , and indeed, unlike crystals and minerals, true Amber feels light and airy. Though lightweight, Amber nonetheless provides a strong connection to Earth's energetic properties, and many specimens vibrate with the vitality of plant and animal inclusions. Know someone trying to get pregnant? Give her a gift of Amber as the life forces promote fertility.

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