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Gabbro Stone
Buy Gabbro Stone from Crystals By Nature. Gabbro is the most abundant rock in the deep ocean crust, often used as an ornamental stone, leading to the name Gabbro Stone. Rich in magnesium and iron, Gabbro Stone has the chemical equivalent to basalt, but contains different energies.  Gabbro Stone appears dark, due to it being made from coarse-grained igneous rock, with very powerful, beneficial properties. Gabbro Stone aids in grounding, healing, spiritual and psychic gifts, and meditation.

Gabbro Stone

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Gabbro Stone - Crystals by Nature
Gabbro Stone
Gabbro Stone - Crystals by Nature
Gabbro Stone - 12 oz.
Gabbro Stone - Medium | #1 Source for Crystals l Crystals By Nature
Gabbro Stone - 2 oz.
Gabbro Sphere - Crystals by Nature
Gabbro Stone Sphere - 10 oz.