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Geodes are beautiful surprises of the geological world. Each one is wonderfully unique, and geodes make great additions to your home decor and great gifts! We carry a wide selection of geodes from around the globe including agate, amethyst, and citrine. If you are looking for the best place to buy geodes, Crystals By Nature has the beautiful geodes you need. We are your online rock and mineral store with a great inventory of gems and crystals—start shopping today!


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Natural Agate Geode Bookend
Natural Agate Geode Bookend
Celestite Geode | Crystals By Nature | -
Celestite Geode
From $35.00
Agate Geode | #1 Source for Crystals l Crystals By Nature
Agate Geode 5.5 lbs.
Dugway Geode - Crystals by Nature
Dugway Geode
Quartz Geode - Crystals by Nature
Quartz Geode - 10 lbs.
Stunning Amethyst Geode - Crystals by Nature
Stunning Amethyst Geode
Agate Mini Geodes | #1 Source for Crystals l Crystals By Nature
Agate Mini Geodes