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Lepidolite is a major source of Lithium, the lightest metal in the world that is used in an array of ordinary items from batteries to mood stabilizing drugs. Lepidolite crystals are therefore known for holding a source of modern power, referred to as a "Stone of Transformation". Encouraging good habits and diminishing negative energy and fear, Lepidolite contains very beneficial healing properties to soothe stress and anxiety. Promoting calm and balance, Lepidolite activates and opens the heart and crown chakras, tempering and focusing drives and passion. For Lepiodolite, and more crystals, minerals, gems, and stones, Crystals By Nature is your online source—shop today!


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Flat Lepidolite Crystals - Crystals by Nature
Flat Lepidolite Crystal
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Large Lepidolite Stones - Crystals by Nature
Large Lepidolite Stones
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Small Lepidolite Stones - Crystals by Nature
Lepidolite Flat Stone
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Lepidolite Skull | #1 Source for Crystals l Crystals By Nature
Lepidolite Skull
Medium Lepidolite Stones - Crystals by Nature
Lepidolite Stone - 2 oz.
Lepidolite Point - Crystals by Nature
Lepidolite Tower