With its wide base grounded on the earth and its four equilateral triangles ascending to the heavens, the pyramid is a mystical shape that fascinates, enchants and whispers to us of secrets from yore. For the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and Egyptians, the pyramid was a sacred space in which they buried their kings and queens and housed their deities. A fitting place for Gods and rulers to rest, the pyramid is constructed with mystical symbolism in mind. The triangle, which makes up the four sides of the pyramid, is a revered shape in geometry, the occult, and even Christianity. Consisting of three sides, the triangle is a physical representation of the numeral three, a number that is repeatedly associated with the spiritual realm. It is no wonder, then, that the pyramid is a favored form with crystal practitioners.

In metaphysical practice, the pyramid shape amplifies the energy of the crystal from which it is carved, and this energy is focused at the pyramid's apex. Useful in charging objects and grid formations, pyramids can also cleanse the chakras by drawing off negative energy, thereby clearing blockages. We have an array of crystal pyramids just waiting for their new home. Find the pyramid that calls to you, and soon you will understand why pyramids continue to mesmerize.
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