Emerald: Meanings, Properties, Uses, Benefits & More

While many of the stones that we tell you about fall into the semi-precious variety, this is definitely not the case with the much-beloved Emerald. Long a precious stone, sought after and worn by priests and kings, it has a rich history and a number of popular uses ascribed to it for over thousands of years.

Today we’re going to explore some of the lore behind it, but we want to start things right by stating clearly that the information that we share you with today is not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions – though you can certainly introduce these uses while undergoing modern medical treatment. Our goal here is to inform you about ancient beliefs and practices, not to replace anyone’s doctor or their important advice!

That said, read on to find out more about uses of the Emerald throughout history, as well as Runic applications, Numerological analysis, and more! Let’s have a closer look at the Jewel of Kings and the properties believed to be behind it!

Getting Started With Emerald

We’ll start off our exploration of the Emerald with a quick primer on the subject. When you are learning the lor of a particular stone, it never hurts to have a few basics at your disposal, as it gives you a basic foundation that you are ready to build on as you go. In this section we’ll provide you with that, so that you know a little about the geology, common names, and more – let’s take s look!

Emerald – aka “The Jewel of Kings”

Color: Deep, dark green, sometimes bluish-green

Rarity: Emeralds are actually 20 times rarer than Diamonds and before they took over the market, Emeralds were often the stone of choice for wedding rings!

Found in: Emeralds are most commonly found in Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Madagascar, and Zambia.

Most commonly used for: Healing, empowering relationships, gaining luck, acquiring wisdom, stimulating the Third Eye and the Heart Chakras, and promoting good health and joy

Description: Emerald is a precious variety of Beryl, which derives its green color from traces of Vanadium or Chromium that become part of the stone as it forms. This results in a light, a dark green, or even a greenish-blue coloration in this precious stone.

Emerald Properties

Emerald has strong ties to spring and as such, it is considered to be paragon among health and healing stones. It provides vibrant life energy, but also helps to stabilize mental health and is even said to enhance psychic abilities. Think of it as a stone of the body and the mind.

Emerald is also associated with the Heart Chakra and the mythos behind it sometimes refer to Emerald as a stone of eternal love, both mentally and physically, as it also has ties with fertility and family. Finally, this stone is said to bring joy to its owner. All in all, it’s quite the powerful gemstone, and we’ll give you a taste of its history around the world later in this article.

We’ll give you a few hints in this next section before we get there, however, just to give you a taste!

Emerald Meaning

Symbolically, Emerald is a stone of spring, with its distinctive green hue looking rather like the first defiant sprig of grass emerging from the remainder of a harsh winter’s snowfall.

Green is arguably the most agreed-upon color of life and consequently – of joy and happiness. Ancient Egyptians believed that this stone was a gift of Thoth, representing eternal life, and the Phoenicians associated it with the goddess of war, love, and sexuality – Ishtar.

The Greeks and Romans associated Emerald with Aphrodite and Venus, once again associating love as the most powerful symbolism behind Emerald, and in the Vedas we are told that Emerald helps to ensure that it’s owner is comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Ultimately, it’s probably most accurate to simply say that the Emerald is symbolic of love and life.

Birthstones And The Zodiac: Where Does Emerald Fit In?

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, and while this is traditionally the birthstone of Taurus, don’t forget that Gemini starts on May 22, so those Geminis out there with May birthdays might do well to consider wearing Emerald to enhance their May-flavored Gemini personalities.

Numerology: Do The Numbers Match The Benefits Of Emerald?

Numerology fans, rejoice! In this section we’re going to show the world, yet again, how Numerology simply WORKS. In standard Numerology one might analyze their name to get a glimpse of their personality, tendencies, and personal pattens, but many don’t know that you can apply it to the names of things as well.

Today we’ll point that Numerology flashlight at Emerald and see what this tradition tells us about the properties of the stone.

To do this, we’ll calculate the following:

  • Personality number – Overall count of consonants in the name
  • Heart’s desire number – Overall count of vowels in the name
  • Destiny number – overall count from all letters of the name

Personality Number

The ‘Personality number’ is the general energy that this stone sends into the world and we calculate it by adding up the consonants of the name and reducing it to its core number.

  • Emerald
    • M+R+L+D
    • 4+9+3+4=20
    • 2+0=2(20)

Major Influence Number: 2(20)

We’re off to a strong start from the Numerological perspective, as Emerald shows a Personality number of 2(20). 2 is a number that brings together two separate forces, even those normally aligned against each other. It promotes harmony between the two, as well as sensitivity on both empathic and even psychic levels! 20 is also important, as this represents powerful diplomacy and well-nigh unbreakable relationship potential. Stone of love and life, indeed, no? The Numerology certainly seems to indicate this.

Minor Influence Number: 4

As a minor influence number, we have a 4, which is the number of creating and maintaining strong roots in the physical world – especially towards the effort of building up to the sky in small, careful increments. Needless to say, this is vital in any successful relationship, as looks eventually fade and charm is not so shiny once you get used to it – you’ve got to have harmony at the core and this comes from honest hard work in the relationship.

Heart’s Desire Number

The ‘Heart’s Desire’ is the motivation and goals to which this stone is most aligned. This is determined by the count of the vowels in the name, broken down to their essential number.

  • Emerald
    • E+E+A
    • 5+5+1=11
    • 1+1=2 (11)

Major Influence Number: 2(11)

The Heart’s Desire number of Emerald is a 2(11), so again we have the joining of 2 dissonant forces into a working, beautiful harmony as one of the goals to which Emerald is most closely aligned. The influence of 11 gives this a rich energy as well, as 11 is a number of creativity and spirituality.

Minor Influence Number: 5

5 is certainly a notable number with a stone associated with Ishtar and Aphrodite. 5 represents a lust for life, most specifically in the desire to enjoy life to the fullest by sampling it with all 5 senses – touch, taste, hearing, seeing, and smelling.

This is an energy that urges one not to be content with living their lives vicariously and reminds them to enjoy the simple beauties all around us if we want to be happy and content.

Destiny Number

The ‘Destiny number indicates how the stone effects are expressed towards one’s goals and it is determined by calculating the total of all of the letters on the name and reducing them to their core number.

  • Emerald
    • E+M+E+R+A+L+D
    • 5+4+5+9+1+3+4=31
    • 3+1=4

Major Influence Number: 4

Towards your goals, Emerald exudes the influence of 4, allowing you to express yourself as you are because you are firmly rooted in the physical world. While this sounds contrary, a simple example of this principle would be flying a kite. Essentially, you’ve taken a simple construct and easily sent it up to soar the skies, a thing that is possible because far-below a single soul has it safely anchored and is there to guide its flight.

Minor Influence Number: 4, 5

Here we have 4 again as a recurring energy to keep you rooted, made more powerful in that it is both a Major and a Minor influence. Joined with it we have 5, allowing lust for life and the urge to experience it fully with the senses. In essence, Emerald is once again marrying what seems to be 2 contrary forces, in this case it combines practicality with living fully, so that one can be free to experience each thing that comes along because their foundation will keep the house from falling down.

Feng Shui Advantages Of Emerald

Feng Shui is the ancient art that teaches us that harmony in life starts in the home. After all, it’s the place that we recharge ourselves, nourishing the body and the mind, and the start and the end of every day. Adding stones to Feng Shui is nothing new – Feng Shui has been around for over 3000 years and from the start it’s been about careful placement and the energies of the items we choose – but what does it say about the energies of Emerald?

Let’s take a look, starting with Bagua placement and then we’ll go room to room to give you some tips to use in your home or to inspire your own creative uses.

Bagua placement: Kun, Zhen, Kan, and Xun

The term ‘Bagua’ refers to the energy map at the core of Feng Shui. By dividing up the home into directions and locations, we are able to ensure that no matter where you live, you have dedicated spots where you can encourage particular energies to grow and thrive. This concept is something that has been around a very long time and you even hear it in the modern adage, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.

The first Bagua that you should consider placing Emerald in is Kun, your relationship Bagua. Emerald will certainly look beautiful in the bedroom and in the Kun Bagua portion of it, it will help to cultivate and nourish the love and also the sexual nature of the relationship for those who spend their time inside the room.

Zhen, which is the Bagua of new beginnings and also of the family, is also a most fortuitous placement for Emerald. Green is the color associated with this Bagua already and this makes both the color of Emerald and it’s spring-energies a perfect fit for Zhen indeed. This can help for harmonious family interactions, as well as inspiring those inside to reshape their life towards a new configuration.

Kan, the Bagua for your life-path and career, can definitely benefit from the addition of Emerald’s energies – especially where calculated innovation is concerned. Sometimes you’ve got a wild business idea that you are afraid to implement and Emerald’s influence can help you build up to it, so that you can execute your plan safely knowing that you’ve got strong roots in place to weather any potential storms.

Now that we’ve covered the Bagua placements, let’s go room by room and see what kind of enhancements Emerald’s energy could be a good fit for.


As Emerald symbolizes the spring and a lust for life, placement of an Emerald stone in the bathroom can help you to start the day off right. Cleaning off any residual dross from the day, week, or even the bad year that you’ve had, Emerald helps to ensure that you’re starting the day off looking forward while you walk through it — instead of tripping over your own feet because you’re stuck looking behind you.


While we’ve already extolled the benefits of placing Emerald in the relationship Bagua of Kun, putting this stone anywhere in the bedroom is still fine – while less focused, it should still breathe a steady flow of spring energy into your love life and help to ensure a restful, refreshing sleep when the day is fully done.


Placed at the entrance of the home, Emerald can help to drive away the stress and exhaustion of the rat race, and even put the mind towards thoughts of love and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures we so often overlook.


In the kitchen, Emerald can help to prepare all your dishes with love and careful forethought, so that meals are savored and nourish both the body and mind to the fullest extent.

Living Room

In the Living room, Emerald can to promote a harmonious family existence and oddly enough, can even help to remind you not to spend too much time in that room while life is going on all around you!

Chakras and Emeralds

Emerald is most aligned with Anahata, your Heart Chakra, by both its signature color and its energies which work perfectly with this powerful sphere. Emerald could also be put to good use in awakening and nourishing Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, so you might consider picking a small, nice one to use specifically for developing this if you want to improve your psychic awareness through the stimulation of Ajna.

Elder Futhark Runes And The Suitability Of Emerald

Elder Futhark Runes are quite useful. By taking complex energies and assigning them a symbol, one has a mnemonic device capable of instantly invoking those complex forces for immediate use. Part of the mysteries of Runes is the actual carving and coloring of them, and the medium you choose for them can also have a profound effect in what results. In this section we’ll take a look at what Emeralds might be like for a complete Rune set, as well as individual Runes which should harmonize well with Emerald’s energies.

Emerald Stones as a Complete Set

You don’t actually have to be a Rockefeller to own a set of Runes made completely of Emerald. While perfect cuts are costly, you can buy bundles of beautiful rough-cut or raw Emeralds and build quite the unique set if you like. As far as what this would accomplish, a set of Emerald Runes would inspire always looking and interpreting the runes with a fresh and creative mind. That said, the Spring energies might not be a good fit for Runes such as Isa, which represents the winter ice. It would be better (and cheaper) to single out specific Runes for use with Emerald, so let’s look at some good choices for this.

The Benefits of Emerald for Specific Runes

Below we’ve identified 11 Runes that should work well with Emerald. This is quite a lot for one stone, but then Emerald has always had a reputation of being one of the most powerful stones already. Without further ado, let’s look at each Rune and why they would be a good fit for this stone.


Fehu represents wealth in the form of cattle, one of the earliest forms of currency. It’s an energy that needs to be cultivated and moved where it may be most efficiently used if you want it to benefit you. Fehu is also associated with empowering fertility, and a spring-stone like Emerald certainly has a compatible energy matrix with this.


Uruz is the Ox, representing power and animal nature. While Emerald promotes love, it is also a stone that promotes lust and free thinking, making Emerald an excellent fit for Uruz.


Gebo is the Rune of the gift. It represents love and relationships, but also the generous spirit, which must know not only how to give a gift, but how to graciously accept one. Emerald energies are strongly associated with love, diplomacy, and the joys of life, so it’s energies align pretty well with the Gebo Rune.


Wunjo is the Rune of joy, said to be had by those who have learned to recognize and make the most of simply what they have. The simple joys are everything and the Vedas tell us that Emerald is said to bring it’s owner joy. Hosting Wunjo on an Emerald makes for a harmonious joining indeed.


Jera is the harvest, when the seeds you planted have taken root and thrived, so that they are ready to be collected. Emerald’s association with growth, springtime, and life with a firm foot to anchor you in the physical world, fit very well with the Rune of Harvest and it’s functions.


Eihwaz and Emerald were made for each other. Eihwaz represents the Yew tree, as a symbol of balance and spiritual enlightenment, in that it has strong roots but also touches the skies. Emerald, with it’s ‘grounded-expansion‘ type influence harmonizes perfectly with the Rune.


Perthro is the Rune of ‘taking a chance’. It’s shape even reflects this, as the Rune looks like a dice cup, and as Emerald is said to bring luck and also to encourage one to free thinking, it’s energies are well suited for the hosting of Perthro.


Manaz means ‘Mankind’ and is a Rune of friendship. The shapes are notable, as it is made from two Laguz Runes joined together, meaning a spiritual connection is at play. Emerald isnothing short of divine when it come to diplomacy and influence and also seems a harmonious connection between two people, making it an ideal choice for Mannaz.


Laguz means ‘lake’ and the body of water is symbolic of spiritual peace and journeys. Emeral’s loving influence and it’s stimulation effects on the Third eye make for quite the coupling indeed, with both Rune and stone being empowered well by each other.


Ingwaz is the Rune of the hero, who through sheer ambition and drive makes their own rules. It also represents the seed, which sprouts and forces it’s way through the dirt and dross because it is empowered with new life energies. This Rune and stone should work well together indeed, especially if carried to help it’s owners to come out of the shell and to shine.


Berkano is the Birch, said to be the tree with the greenest of leaves. It is also said that Loki has blessed it with the power of deceit, however, so Berkano wed to Emerald will likely encourage the type of diplomacy that one might consider to be on the ‘flowery side’. That said, it’s a powerful combination and well worth experimenting with so that you can experience it firsthand.

Creative Ways To Use Emerald

Well-known for it’s influence in building a long-lasting love, if you are going on an important date then an Emerald necklace certainly won’t hurt your chances. Feel free to display it or even to keep hidden under your clothing and just let it do its work.

A small Emerald sewn into a baseball cap or another kind of hat can put the stone at the same area of Ajna, your Third Eye Chakra. This will help to stimulate intuition and your psychic senses so that you can have a wee bit of an edge in your dealings outside. Just remember, this is something that you will still need to develop, but the constant energy of Emerald will help in unblocking and fully utilizing this Chakra.

A bit of Emerald between your mattresses can help to encourage more creativity in the bedroom, as well as more cuddling when the deed is done. If you have some amateur jewelry making skills and like to do a bit of writing by hand, then you might also affix a pretty, but inexpensive Emerald to your favorite pen. This will help to add a little extra oomf to your creative expression and to help keep you in check a little when you are trying to outline something complex and are having trouble keeping yourself on-target.

Emerald as a Meditation Tool

Stones make excellent meditation tools and with a precious stone like Emerald, this even gives you a meditative focus that you can easily display and carry with you at all times. We’ve got a little bit of a different meditation in mind for you today, however, and this one will be Chakra focused.

While the Heart Chakra is the most popular for Emerald mediations, you can find plenty of those all over the net, so instead since Emerald also works so well with Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, we thought we’d include a meditation for those who want to develop their psychic senses.

To do this, you will need your Emerald stone and a small mirror and you can light some incense if you like, though that won’t be required if you don’t. Start by sitting comfortable, back straight, and legs-crossed, with the mirror placed with the reflective surface facing up and the Emerald in your hand.

Begin by calming your heart rate with a little rhythmic breathing. You can make your own rhytm or use a favorite breathing technique if you have one, otherwise simply use the ‘3-3-3’ standard of breathing in for 3 seconds, holding it for another 3, and exhaling for 3 seconds after. Breathe this way until it feels natural and doesn’t require your focus and then we are ready to start. Begin by visualizing an indigo sphere, spinning between in the center of your forehead just between your brows. If you aren’t familiar with Indigo, you can check Google in advance, it’s basically between violet and blue and quite the rich color.

Once you see the sphere spinning, carefully hold your Emerald in place on both sides with your index and middle fingers pressed to it. Looking slowly downwards and holding the image of the sphere in your mind, bring the Emerald and the larger sphere into alignment in your reflection.

Focus your attention on the Emerald, so that you see it physically with it’s gaze, and see the indigo sphere of Ajna behind it growing brighter as you do. Say out loud, ‘I would see what is clearly there and that which is hidden — with the same clarity of sight.

Keep your eyes focused on the Emerald, with your mind focusing on Ajna’s hidden sphere, and take a moment to contemplate how you can see them both so clearly, without either one drawing detail or clarity away from the other.

After a few minutes, you can relax and end the mediation, and you should carry the stone with you as it is now well-aligned with your Ajna and can help to reduce or prevent blockage – just be sure to charge it every now and again with this mediation.

Is Emerald Expensive to Obtain?

Emerald could be as cheap as 1$ per carat or as high as $100k per carat – it’s a precious stone and so the really nice ones certainly don’t come cheap. That said, if you hunt around a little, you can find lots of imperfect Emeralds at a price that won’t break the bank.

While jewelry will certainly cost a pretty penny, the comparatively lower cost per carat for imperfect specimens means that you can find rough, but transparent Emeralds that you might beautifully display in the house or use for meditate or other purposes.

If want a perfect stone, however, be prepared to spend a bundle! Columbian Emeralds are considered to be the finest, but you should really consider checking out Zambian Emeralds as well – many of the pieces have beautiful color and clarity and it never hurts to check, after all!

How Can You Tell if Emerald Is Genuine?

As it is a precious stone, Emerald fakes are all over the place, and this can make hunting your own perfect stone quite the task indeed. To that effect, we’ve compiled a list of things which you can check for that will help you better identify if the ‘Emerald’ you are considering is fine or truly faux.

Hold It up to the Light

One trick that a lot of stone merchants are well aware of is the ‘light test’, as it’s a basic check that they have to do whenever they obtain Emeralds to sell in the first place. Hold your Emerald up to a light and look at the color that you see. You should see a green or a greenish-blue hue to the stone, but if you see browns or yellows in the color then you don’t want to bring that ‘Emerald’ home – it’s a fake!

Check for Bubbles at the Girdle

Glass and fusion-type fakes that require a chemical cementing of two stones will often have telltale bubbles if you look closely enough. This will require the use of a jeweler’s loupe and if you don’t have one, you really should consider getting one – they are invaluable when checking out stones.

Emerald DO have some natural bubbles, but they look a little weird, and mostly show as some oddly shaped cavities within the stone. Look for internal fractures as well to help to determine if the stone is genuine if you spot some bubbly areas. All Emeralds are going to have them as a part of their formation, they are just much harder to spot in the finest pieces.

It Should Feel Cool to the Touch

Emeralds are pretty dense and this will make them cool to the touch and slow to heat in your hand. A little piece of glass in your ‘testing kit’ can be held by comparison or even at the same time – while the glass will warm up quickly, the Emerald should take it’s time about it.

Mohs Hardness Scale

Emerald scores a 7.5 to 8 on Mohs Hardness scale, so if you’ve got a set of Moh’s picks then nothing under a 7.5 should be able to scratch the Emerald. While vendors certainly won’t want you to start trying to scratch their stones, this is a useful trick that you can use at home if you suspect that you’ve brought home a fake stone.

Emeralds Have a Bit of Heft to Them

That density not only makes Emeralds heat up slowly, but it makes them a little heavier than you’d expect at first glance. Glass of the same size is appreciably lighter and sometimes knowing this will help. That density, incidentally, also makes the shinier, but that won’t really help you at all. Merchants commonly treat stones with oils so that they are at their sparkly-best when you are considering purchasing them.

Concentrations of Dye

Finally, some stones can be dyed green, and sadly it’s not done to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Different stones, with quartz being one of the most common, have dye injected into them in order to pass them off as genuine Emeralds. Quartz, having a Mohs hardness rating of 7, are close in density to Emerald, but a close look with your jeweler’s loupe can help you to spot this chicanery.

Look for concentrations of green color that are suspiciously pooled. During the dyeing process, small amounts of die often get trapped where they mostly invisible to the naked eye but still quite present with a close, magnified view. If you spot them, you’ll save a lot of money, and once again your jeweler’s loupe will be earning their keep admirably.

How to Clean Your Emerald

Emerald is best cleaned with a simple application of soap and water. Just wet it, soap it, wipe it, and rinse it off – clean and simple. Don’t soak jewelry-grade Emeralds in soapy water, as you might well affect the oils treating the stone, making it cleaner but a bit less shiny. You also want to avoid chemicals such as acetone and even alcohol, as they will certainly neutralize those oils with a quickness with higher grade pieces.

Stick to soap and water and your Emerald will be clean and still look it’s best.

Preparing Your Emerald Before Use

Emeralds fiercely guard their greenness, so that UV light and prolonged exposure to sunlight won’t remove it, but if you are purifying jewelry with sunlight then you might want to think twice about it. While the green won’t fade, you could dry up the oils on the stone and it will lose a little shine until you have a jeweler take a go at it.

Other purification options are fine, such as moonlight or burial if you are looking to purify it and also to charge it for stimulation of the psychic senses, and if you just want to give it a ‘clean slate’ to remove the influence of whomever has handled it, then salt, smudge sticks, or your favorite purification incense are perfectly fine.

History on the Emerald Throughout the Ages

Rare, beautiful, and often wore by royalty through the ages, Emerald is a precious stone with a very rich history. Considered a gift of Thoth, the Egyptians believed the stone to be filled with the energies of both fertility and eternal life, and no less than Cleopatra herself was said to have worn them all of the time, displaying them even in various rooms and chambers, and giving them as gifts to the most important of guests.

Emeralds are even mentioned in Biblical lore as one of the 4 precious stones given to Solomon by God, and another tale of Solomon claims that he had a table which was topped with an enormous Emerald!

In Rome, Pliny the Elder said in accounts that lapidaries with tired eyes would often gaze into Emeralds, so that their soothing energies and influence would help them to see better and that their eyes might be refreshed. The Sumerians shared this believe and said that wearing an Emerald ring on your left hand, on your ‘pinky finger’, could reduce inflammation of the eyes.

Interestingly enough, science tells us that the color green is indeed considered to be soothing to the eyes, with the prevailing theory being that we are essentially wired to seek this color out. It makes sense, as vegetation means that there might be dinner involved, but whatever the case the eyes seem to find this color as one that’s easily processed with no strain involved.

In India, Hindus believe that making an offering of Emeralds to Krishna is sure to be received favorably, and this stone was also considered to be sacred to both the Incans and the Aztecs.

Emerald is undeniably beautiful and its certainly interesting how many cultures associate it with love, life, and good health. With the widespread belief buoying it up, on certainly has to pause and think about it. There definitely seems to be something special about this lovely green stone.

Some Final Words on Using Emerald

Today we’ve explored the many facets of the Emerald, so that you have information about the stone itself, what it’s supposed to do, and some excellent uses across the board just in case you’d like to acquire some Emeralds of your own to put to good use.

Using Emeralds isn’t something that’s only reserved for the rich, as you can check around and find many clear and beautiful stones that just don’t happen to be jewelry grade, so be sure to shop around a little and check your options.

Whether or not you feel that it will help physically or spiritually, even based on simple aesthetics Emerald is a stone that is literally legendary. If it’s good enough for Solomon, Cleopatra, and Pliny, then why not see what all of the fuss is about?

The Jewel of Kings awaits to be claimed and it’s a beauty, folks! Until next time, we wish you and yours the absolute best!