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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Pillar - Natural Negative Ion Purification

Imported from Pakistan, this Pillar Crystal Salt Lamp glows a warm, beautiful orange adding the perfect touch of light to any room. Take the shape of a cube, this particular lamp is rather unique as it alters shape from top to bottom.  Himalayan Salt is used around the world for cleansing the air and improving focus, as it emit negatives ions which work like natural ionizers keeping the air clean. Each Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with an AC Cord and light bulb included. It is suggested to keep these lamps away from moisture, and be placed somewhere you spend a lot of time in order to reap all of its amazing, positive benefits.

Untouched by the toxins and pollutants of ocean salt, Himalayan Salts contain 84 minerals and elements naturally found in the body. Sometimes called white gold, Himalayan Salts mature under intense tectonic pressure for over 250 million years. Himalayan Salts have a unique crystal structure that allow the contained minerals to be easily absorbed by the body, giving these salts health benefits completely unlike table salt. Like thunderstorms and sunlight, Himalayan Salt Lamps exude negatively charged ions, which neutralizes the positive ions in your home emitted from electronics. Positive ions are linked to increased stress and allergies, and Himalayan Salts can minimize these ions in your home. 

Average Weight = 8 lbs.

Item may vary in size, weight, color, and appearance. 

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