Rose Quartz: Meanings, Properties, Uses, Benefits & More

Today we’re going to take a look at a stone that’s easy to obtain and has many useful purposes. Rose Quartz has been a favorite around the world through the ages and it’s easy to see why. The delicate, pink hues of this variety of Quartz are nothing short of stunning and since it occurs commonly in many places across the globe, it’s also easy to get some of your own!

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the stone’s many uses and properties. We’ll analyze it with Numerology to look for hidden aspects, tell you what Runes go well hosted on this stone, discuss a little Feng Shui, and more!

As you’re about to see, Rose Quartz is a useful stone to have around – so stick with us and we’re going to tell you exactly why!

Getting Started With Rose Quartz

As always, before we start extolling the virtues and possibilities of this wondrous work of nature, we’re going to start off with a quick profile of it. These are just a few useful facts so that you can have an ‘at-a-glance’ view at some of the known attributes of Rose Quartz. Think of it as a small, but solid foundation that we’re going to build upon greatly as we progress through today’s article.

Without further ado, here is Rose Quartz boiled-down to the very basics!

Rose Quartz – aka ‘The Stone of Love’, ‘The Stone of Peace’, and ‘Aphrodite’s Blood’

Color: Light and delicate to a deep, rosy pink coloration. You can also find it approaching red hues as well, but this is rarer.

Rarity: Common

Found in: In the United States, Rose Quartz comes from Maine and from California, while outside of the states it is found in Namibia, Brazil, and Sweden.

Most commonly used for: Strengthening relationships, calming family quarrels, fascination work, and working through emotional trauma

Description: Most commonly known as ‘Hyaline Quartz’ in Geological corners, is a coarse-grained, silica mineral-based quartz that has a delicate to deep pink hue to it. While there is a similar stone called ‘Pink Quartz’, this variety is generally made up of mostly clear, pink crystals which are quite sensitive to sunlight (Rose Quartz can fade, but not as quickly as Pink Quartz – which is more sensitive).

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz is predominantly a stone of love and sensuality, although it’s energies are also quite useful for emotional healing in general. It can help one to work through conflict or through negative experiences emotional experiences that are causing an imbalance and keeping a small Rose Quartz piece under your pillow is said to stave off nightmares.

As far as physical healing, it is unsurprisingly quite good for ailments of the heart!

Most often it is used for strengthening love or and for adding a little sensual spice to the bedroom. To use it for this, find a nice shard and purify it, then anoint it with a little Dragon’s Blood oil for a little extra zing… you’ll thank us later!

Finally, this stone is excellent for healing rifts in the family, both long-standing of those that are new but threatening to get much worse. Placing a little Rose Quartz in the bedroom can thus add a little serene scenery while helping in the background with smoothing those issues out.

Rose Quartz Meaning

Often referred to as the ‘Crystal of Unconditional Love”, this natural pink quartz has long been associated with love and life. Even the Greeks have a myth about it (which we’ll cover in the history section), where the lovely pink hues of this stone were the product of Aphrodite’s spilled blood.

Rose Quartz, being a rich pink color, is also a symbol of feminine energies. Beautiful and forever, this lovely pink quartz endures, much like the love that it so elegantly represents!

Rose Quartz as a Birthstone

While it’s not the official birthstone for a specific month, Rose Quartz makes an excellent choice for the sign of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the influence of Rose Quartz is quite complimentary to their nature, and it’s calming effects may help to reduce the incidents of the Bull’s famous temper.

Rose Quartz Numerology

While ‘Roe’ and ‘Quartz’ are technically two names, rather than one, for stone numerology we’re going to treat it as one whole, rather than separating up the reading for it’s properties. This actually works quite well with stones, as you are about to see, and is an excellent way to see how the energies and properties of stones are reflected in other mediums.

Let’s take a look at what numerology tells us about Rose Quartz and you can see for yourself!

Personality Number

The ‘Personality number’ is the general energy that this stone sends into the world and we calculate it by adding up the consonants of the name and reducing it to it’s core number.

  • Rose Quartz
    • R+O+S+E+Q+U+A+R+T+Z
    • R+S+Q+R+T+Z
    • 9+1+8+9+2+8=37
    • 3+7=10(1)

Major Influence Number: 10(1)

A 10/1 is a number of the individual. This makes good sense, as this is a stone associated with love, where one doesn’t ‘endure’ the other’s faults, but rather cherishes each and every one. It is a number of the adventurous spirit and the fierce independence of those who know themselves and are quite happy with that knowledge.

Minor Influence Numbers: 9,8

9 is also quite present in the makeup of the ‘personality’ of this stone and this is the number of the old soul. Further reinforcing that knowledge of the uniqueness of the self, this number takes it further and helps Rose Quartz to cultivate memories from the sum of the soul’s existence.

Especially important in matters of the heart, the old soul knows that they need not change for the right person and they are also quite unashamedly aware of exactly things they want.

The influence of 8 is one of abundance, although this is energy that needs to be distributed in order to be of use. Think of it as mobile power, like wealth, which much be invested and put to good use, rather than hoarded away in some dusty cellar where it cannot work for you.

Heart’s Desire Number

The ‘Heart’s Desire’ is the motivation and goals to which this stone is most aligned. This is determined by the count of the vowels in the name, broken down to their essential number.

  • Rose Quartz
    • R+O+S+E+Q+U+A+R+T+Z
    • O+E+U+A
    • 6+5+3+1=15
    • 1+5=6

Major Influence Number: 6

In the ‘Heart’s Desire’ category, Rose Quartz scores a 6, and this is interesting indeed as this is the number of empathy. It can be supportive or nurturing, but 6 also knows when it is time to be direct and bold – something that only works at a certain level of intimacy between the parties involved.

This influence helps love to endure and for quarrels with your significant other or family to lose a bit of their bite, providing energies that help you to see the other’s perspective and which remind you of the love that got you to here in the first place!

Minor Influence Numbers: None

With no minor numbers, the empathy aspects of Rose Quartz should be considered quite heightened, supporting that nickname of ‘the Crystal of Unconditional Love’ quite well, indeed.

Destiny Number

The ‘Destiny number indicates how the stone effects are expressed towards one’s goals and it is determined by calculating the total of all of the letters on the name and reducing them to their core number.

  • Rose Quartz
    • R+O+S+E+Q+U+A+R+T+Z
    • 9+6+1+5+8+3+1+9+2+8=52
    • 5+2=7

Major Influence Number: 7

Our major influence for the ‘Destiny number’, or how Rose Quartz helps with one’s goals, turns out to be a 7. This gives it somewhat of a blend of both Scorpio and of Virgo energies that manifests as a sort of ‘gut feeling’ energy that can be used. Wisdom of the world that the bearer has gained comes quite intuitively with this stone, allowing for a quick analysis and quite often for an instant decision on the best way to move forward.

While this energy prompts you to take a closer look at things, it’s not always based on logic, more on the soul’s experience – rather like the love that this stone represents.

Sometime you just know, right?

Minor Influence Numbers: 9, 8, 1

9 makes an appearance again, adding more of that ‘old soul’ energy to the push that Rose Quartz gives to the individual that carries it or those who are close enough to feel it’s influence. 8 is here again, as well, adding in abundance, and aiding in success towards material or monetary gain. With relationship stability, this is quite often the case, as we tend to perform at our best when our cares are focused on another’s, rather than our own, needs.

We also have the influence of the number 1, which is the drive of the confident individual. Perhaps this is part of why the stone works so well with lovers, as we are happiest when we may confidently, even aggressively be ourselves.

polished Rose Quartz

Feng Shui Advantages of Rose Quartz

Incorporating stones into Feng Shui can be a delight, especially with the kind of large, crystal pieces that you can find such as Rose Quartz. It’s a natural fit, as well, as Feng Shui makes use of the elements and when mixed with stones, you have an automatic Earth element as well as the influence of the specific significance and energies of the individual stone.

We’re going to explore room-by-room some Feng Shui options, but first let’s take a look at a few bagua considerations when it comes to mixing Rose Quartz into the matrix of your home’s Feng Shui.

Bagua Placement – Kun

Kun is the bagua of Relationships and this makes it a perfect location for placing Rose Quartz. Some use their bedroom space for this bagua, to enhance and spice up their love life, or it might be set in the living room to promote peace and love with the family.


Placement of Rose Quartz in the bathroom, close to the tub or the shower, is a great way to help you to rinse off the negative emotions of the day or any morning negativity that might otherwise prevent you from doing your best at work.

For couples, Rose Quartz by the shower or bathtub makes for an excellent ‘make-up shower’ or bath, where the both of you may wash-away each other’s negativity and see where the rest of the evening leads!


In the bedroom, Rose Quartz can help in promoting love, romance, and a little innovation between the sheets! Many have their Kun Bagua set up here, and Rose Quartz is going to work well with the other selected items you’ve added to enhance this bagua.


Placed over or near the entrance, Rose Quartz can help to enhance the feeling that one is entering a loving place. This puts guests at ease, calms and comforts the family, and reminds couples that the work day is done and they are free to enjoy each other’s company once again (and to remind them to make the best of it!).


Placed in the kitchen or near the dining area, Rose Quartz helps to promote that ‘family dinner’ feeling that’s almost gone completely in this age of tv dinners at the couch. Take advantage of it’s influence and institute a rule if you haven’t already – meals together in your personal space only make you closer and remind you of the people who really matter in your life.

Living Room

Placed in the livingroom, Rose Quartz can help to keep family and couples arguments to a minimum, fostering the natural warmth of the love that already exists — but which we often take for granted. The beauty of the stone itself will certainly add to the aesthetics of the room and the energies of Rose Quartz will enhance the very atmosphere. Give it a try and you’ll see for yourself!

Chakras and Rose Quartz

While the Heart Chakra’s color is green, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use Rose Quartz with it – you definitely should. Rise Quartz helps with healing blockage of the Heart Chakra, exuding energies that help to cleanse negative emotions and to soften the blow of acknowledging and working with emotional traumas that are hard to touch – let alone work through safely.

Rose Quartz may also be found in dark red, if you look hard enough, and this is excellent for the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is our foundation, said to be largely constituted of the first 7 years of life experience. As such, Rose Quartz is also very suitable not only for Root Chakra work, especially with negative aspects of one’s childhood that might be seeping into your relationships in the modern day.

If you are dealing with such traumas, this makes Red Rose Quartz perfect as a Chakra stone for your Root Chakra, so that you can take advantage of it’s properties every time that you meditate with your Chakra stones. After all, this is not something that you can fix overnight, but with a Red Rose Quartz Chakra stone you can slowly work thorough it with the supportive and calming energies of the stone.

Elder Futhark Runes and the Suitability of Rose Quartz

While most often depicted in the sagas as being carved on wood or bone, the use of specific stones for Runes is also an excellent way to help further empower the symbols of ‘Odin’s Alphabet’. In this section we’re going to take a closer look at the advantages of using Rose Quartz as a host-stone for a full set of runes, as well as what specific Runes might benefit and harmonize the most with this stone.

Let’s take a look!

Rose Quartz Stones as a Complete Set

Rose Quartz Runes could be quite useful for viewing both divinatory patterns to show you what is coming, along with the emotional aspects involved in the potential outcome. More often than not, human emotion is the biggest catalyst when it comes to those ‘ripples in the pond’ that so affect our lives, and Rose Quartz can help to ensure that the Runes fall in such a way as to help you to see that.

You could even forgo the divinatory aspects and use a Rune set of Rose Quartz separately, in order to do a ‘mindset’ reading. This can help to determine what emotional aspects are helpful and which are having a negative impact on the individual in question.

This can provide an immensely useful glimpse into the psyche and is well worth trying if you have not considered this type of reading before. Just be brutally honest about what you see – you can’t just tiptoe around emotions – and they require acknowledgement and a swift response if you’re going to master them.

Rose Quartz Use for Specific Runes

As far as specific runes, Roe Quartz is suitable for a number of uses, that extend into divination as well as Runic works. Let’s review 6 examples of Runes that will resonate well with Rose Quartz hosting them.


Thurisaz, the thorn, is the protector of the rose. It is also a symbol of violent sexuality, making a Thurisaz Rune on Rose Quartz a definite way to stimulate activity in the bedroom. Worn on jewelry, it can help the wearer to express that side of themselves quite a bit more easily – so be careful with this use.

The thorn protects, but also pricks those who would touch the rose, so a Rose Quartz Thurisaz also makes an excellent protective charm.


Gebo, meaning ‘Gift’, is a rune of partnership and also a lesson that those who can give a gift, must also learn how to receive one. Rose Quartz is a good choice for this Rune in a divinatory set or for works meant to bring couples closer by enhancing love energies and promoting a better understand of what each person contributes to the relationship.


Othala is the rune of the ‘ancestral home’, so Rose Quartz is a good choice for it. It helps to promote family love in the place of those oh-so-common quarrels, with the energies of the Rune and the stone it’s carved on providing an atmosphere conducive to love and to reminding everyone what they really mean to each other.


While not a good divinatory choice, Raido on a Rose Quartz is good for certain kinds of Rune work. As this Rune represents the relationship between horse and rider, a dubious but effective use for this Rune is to make a charm of it… in order to help ensure that you are the one in charge in a relationship that is more casual than serious.


The rune for Wunjo, the Rune of Joy, reminds us that we are happiest when we have few sorrows, enough to get by, and a roof over our heads. It’s a Rune of happiness that encourages one to remember all the little things that we forget too often.

Rose Quartz is a good option for this Rune, either in divinatory use or in Runic workings. The ability of the Rose Quartz to help one work through negative emotions resonates well with Wunjo’s lesson of remembering the little things!


While the Rune poem for Berkano warns of a Loki aspect to the rune, Birch/Berkano is also considered to represent growth and fertility. This makes Rose Quartz good choice for this Rune for either divination or for fertility works with a couple looking to conceive.

Rose Quartz

Creative Ways to Use Rose Quartz

Tiny Rose Quartz stones, placed under the mattress, can be charged and ‘tuned’ to a couple and make for excellent jewelry to wear or stones to ‘put away’ for when things get rocky in the relationship and you want to encourage the same kind of energy that you’ve stored in the stones.

You can also take a fine paintbrush and couples can use it to anoint a large Rose Quartz in the bedroom with Dragon’s Blood reed oil, spelling out the names of both or writing messages of love to enhance and reaffirm emotion.

Carried with you before meeting the family on a holiday, Rose Quartz can help to keep things civil with the siblings, and those who suffer from nightmares should put a little underneath the pillow, inside the pillowcase. This will help to keep those nightmares at bay, especially if they are related to emotional traumas or fears.

For those who wish to work through childhood trauma, sprinkle some pink and red Rose Quartz pebbles on top of the soil of a green houseplant. In this way you have green for the Heart Chakra, Red Rose Quartz for the Root Chakra, and Pink Rose Quartz to help in the emotional unknotting.

Pick a plant that is interesting, such as a Bonsai tree, and you can use this as a living meditation focus to promote spiritual growth and healing when negative emotions and experiences from childhood are holding you back!

Rose Quartz as a Meditation Tool

Rose Quartz makes for an excellent meditation tool, whether you feel like simply staring into the stone and opening yourself up to feel it’s influence or something a with a little more focus. You can even keep it close to you during meditation sessions if emotions have lately been distracting enough to make meditation difficult.

Let’s take a look as some mediations which you can do with Rose Quartz to give you a little inspiration for some of your own or a good starting point for making the best use of your Rose Quartz.

‘Little Things’ Meditation

This meditation is going to include a little Runework, although that part is optional – it still works fine without the Runes added, if you prefer. What you want to do is obtain some Rose Quartz stones that are small and round which you will put into a bag. On each of these, you should paint a red ‘Wunjo’ Rune.

Wunjo is the Rune of Joy and so it’s helpful with this meditation, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to – plain, lovely Rose Quartz stones are fine on their own if you prefer.

Seat yourself comfortably and begin a little controlled breathing to help to relax you. If you don’t have a favorite breathing pattern, just use a basic one like breathing in for 3 seconds, holding it for 3 seconds, and breathing out for 3 seconds. This is easy to do and it will help you to get into a good, relaxed, and meditative mindset.

When you feel ready, reach into the bag and grab a small handful of the stones. Drop them lightly in front of you, letting them fall as they will. They might make a shape that’s of significance and if they do, be sure to contemplate what that might mean. If they don’t, it’s fine, as they don’t need to.

Count the stones that have fallen and for each one, you should think of a small thing which you have enjoyed that day. This could be anything – the scent of fresh, baked bread from the local bakery, colorful flowers spotted on the way, the first bite of a tasty apple… you get the idea.

Gaze at each stone individually and say aloud the thing that you enjoyed. Next, close your eyes and hold the image of the stone in your mind while you try to evoke the feeling that this ‘little thing’ you enjoyed gave you. Once you can feel it again, move on to the next stone and repeat the process until you are done.

Taking the time to meditate on life’s little joys can help you immensely. These things are often overlooked, but if you have any friends who are perpetually happy then take a moment to think about their attitudes. There’s a 99% chance that they have learned to love the little things and this is a happiness that you can teach yourself to have as well.

Be patient with the process and try this meditation two times in one week to give it a ‘trial run’. You’ll see a big difference – this meditation is a keeper!

Dispelling Relationship Roadblocks – Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra issues can be devastating in a relationship. Sometimes the things that make us strong enough to withstand the rigors of life can be the exact same things that we shoot ourselves in the foot with. A Root Chakra meditation with Red Rose Quartz can help, as it will unblock this Chakra and let you take a little time to better process and understand those fundamental drives you developed in childhood and how they are affecting your relationship.

If you don’t have Red Rose Quartz, Pink will work as well, but get red if you can as this is the Root Chakra’s color.

We should note that this is delicate work– best kept to yourself for now — as self-exploration can make you very vulnerable if someone decides to inject their opinion. That said, it can definitely help if you are honest with yourself and aware that you are sabotaging things with your significant other.

Now that you’re warned and ready, here is what you need to do.

With Rose Quartz in your hand, seat yourself comfortable and begin a rhythmic breathing. You can use the 3-3-3 method we discussed before or any technique that you prefer, the goal is just to get relaxed so that you can open your mind.

Visualize a red, spinning orb at the base of your spine. This is the Root Chakra, called Muladhara. As you visualize the light, look into your Rose Quartz and visualize light around it as well, growing along with the light from Muladhara until the two are touching.

Allow yourself to contemplate for a single moment only a memory from childhood that pains you. Choose something small, if you can, and keep the visual of the lights from your Root Chakra and from your Rose Quartz and simply let the feeling sink in.

Do not allow yourself to dwell on this thought, but rather move your focus again to the calming feelling of the two lights that have joined. Now think of something that you’ve said or done and directed unfairly at your significant other, which you know was influenced by some trauma that you’ve experienced.

This is something that everyone is guilty of and you are alone for this meditation — so be honest with yourself!

Say aloud or in your mind what you did and why you did it. Remember, no one is there to judge you, and the Rose Quartz will help with negative emotion so that you can do this.

Example 1: “I yelled at Joe for going on his work trip, because my father was often away from the house and I’m worried Joe might leave’.

Example 2: “I pretended I was feeling sick to avoid the date I’d planned with Jane, because romance wasn’t a thing in my family’.

You get the idea… Without approaching ‘trigger levels’, those are the best examples that we can give, but you need to vocalize something personal from your upbringing that you know if causing you problems in the modern day with your relationship.

Once you had said or thought aloud this single example, then this is enough. Focus on the beauty and serenity of the stone and feel it’s light and energies entering into your Root Chakra. Focus on the visualization – this is important – not what you’ve just confessed to yourself.

Let the light from the stone fill you with warmth and focus on the visualization and your breathing until you feel relaxed – and likely very tired (self-work can be very draining!). See the light from the stone filling your Root Chakra until it is a strong, healthy red, and you’re done!

Use this mediation from time to time and you can use the same phrase each time as you work through it. It takes a lot of patience, but this can make an enormous difference in your relationship – especially when you want to work through things but vocalizing the problem feels like it might destroy you.

Is Rose Quartz Expensive to Obtain?

Rose Quartz is not only beautiful, it’s quite common and as such, you can practically buy ‘a buckets worth’ for just a few dollars. Mind you, you might have to clean and polish them yourself, but not always. You can find small stones the easiest, though larger pieces with good color and clarity can get a little more expensive

By way of example, a 2 and a half pound giant Rose Quartz crystal might cost around $100, or a bit more if it’s very pretty, but otherwise it’s very much affordable so you can put lots of it in the house if you happen to love this stone!

How Can You Tell if Rose Quartz Is Genuine?

While it’s very affordable, there are still folks out there who sell fake Rose Quartz – it’s a sad fact of life. Fortunately, there are a few things which you can check to help to ensure that yours is genuine, so let’s take a look at some basics.

Also, before we begin, we recommend that you buy your Rose Quartz in-person from a reputable shop. That way, you can go back if you need to and you can also see and feel the stone before you buy it. Online sources are convenient, but you have to be careful. That said, let’s get to those basics!

Mohs Hardness Scale

Rose Quartz has a hardness rating of 7 on Moh’s Hardness scale. That means that anything with a lower hardness level is going to be vulnerable if you try to scratch it with a genuine Rose Quartz crystal. You can bring a small piece of glass with you when you go stone-hunting at shops and give the glass a quick scratch to test the stone – if you are able to scratch the glass easily, then the hardness level test may be considered to have ‘passed’ – this might be genuine Rose Quartz.

Check for Bubbles

Manufactured Rose Quartz has a telltale sign if you know what to look for, and it’s the presence of small bubbles. Genuine Rose Quartz if going to have inclusions, cracks, and crevices, but you shouldn’t see any bubbles. The next time you are at a toy store, look at a set of kid’s marbles and you can see the type of bubbles that we are talking about. Once you do, make a mental note to look for them, and if you see them in a stone that you want then don’t buy that one – it’s quite likely a fake!

Rose Quartz is Heavy

Rose Quartz has a bit of a heft to it. While this won’t help you much with smaller pieces, with large Rose Quartz points it definitely will. They are going to be heavy. Imagine what the same point would weigh if it were made of glass and a real Rose Quartz shard is going to be just a little bit heavier than that.

Don’t worry – you’ll notice when you lift a large piece for the first time. It’s quartz, so it’s got a substantial weight to it, and knowing this can help you a little with avoiding faux crystals.

It’s Cooler Than Glass

If you are touching a show piece that’s on top of or was stored behind glass, then note the temperature and touch the glass next. Your Rose Quartz should be noticeably cooler, unless it’s been in your hand for a goodly amount of time. It won’t be a huge temperature difference, but you’ll definitely note the contrast between a real crystal and glass and this can help you.

Make Sure It’s Not Pink Quartz

On a rare occasion, you might accidentally purchase Pink Quartz instead of Rose Quartz and they are actually not the same thing. Pink quartz tends to form small crystals in clusters and it is actually sensitive to light – which can fade its color over time.

You might be able to differentiate by asking where it comes from. Rose Quartz generally comes from Sweden, Brazil, or Namibia outside of the United States, while inside it Rose Quartz is found in both California and Maine.

How to Clean Your Rose Quartz

Avoid cleaning methods that incorporate heat, such as steam cleaners, and stay away from ultrasonic cleaners as well. Keep it simple by cleaning your Rose Quartz with a little warm water, soap, and some elbow grease with a clean cloth.

If you have a very dirty one, an old toothbrush works a treat and won’t scratch your Rose Quartz. With a hardness level of 7 on Moh’s scale, it’s pretty durable, so get busy with that toothbrush and rinse it well to get off all of the soap when you are done. Your Rose Quartz will look absolutely stunning!

Preparing Your Rose Quartz Before Use

Purification with salt of with a smudge stick is good, or you can leave it out in the sunlight or the moonlight for a day to charge it up as well. With pieces intended for ‘fascination’ workings, you can hide them underneath the mattress to charge them with erotic energy from encounters had above them. Just remember, it’s polite to tell the other person involved!

Rainwater is also a good, natural purifier for this stone but adding a little salt is never a bad idea. Stones sold in public get handled a lot and you never know who has touched it – it’s always better to start things off with a clean slate so that you don’t have to worry about unintended energies affecting your works.

History on Rose Quartz Throughout the Ages

Rose Quartz has been recognized and appreciated for it’s beauty for a very, very long time. The oldest example that we have of Rose Quartz jewelry, for instance, dates back almost 6000 years to Mesopotamia, where beads that were made of this stone have been found!

It was also quite popular in early Egypt, a fact backed-up by numerous findings of Rose Quartz in tombs, a lot of which was set into death masks! The Egyptians also believed that Rose Quartz would keep you young, so this was considered to be a good stone to always keep close to you.

The Greeks attribute it’s creation to Aphrodite and of course, with it being Greek mythos, there’s a little tragedy involved. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, had fallen in love with a mortal named Adonis. This enraged Ares, the God of War, who wanted her for himself.

One day, Areas transformed into the form of a boar and managed to strike a mortal blow to Adonis and Aphrodite came running! In her haste, she cut herself on brambles and briars, and as she held her dying lover her blood and tears mingled with his own, creating the Anemone flower and staining some white quartz – creating the ‘Stone of Love’. In later myths, Cupid was known to have brought this down from Olympus, in order to spread love throughout the world from it’s sacred energies.

Romans treasures this stone as well, carrying it in the form of talismans to attract love and also using it to seal deals and as a mark of ownership. These days, it is still quite popular, and what’s not to like?

Even if you don’t believe in it’s properties, there’s no denying that this is a beautiful stone – elegant enough to display in any home and to be well-appreciated for the aesthetics that it adds by all who behold it.

Some Final Words on Using Rose Quartz

So, there you have it! With a 6000+ year old history that spans a number of civilizations, it’s hard not to think that there must be something special when it comes to Rose Quartz. Used as a meditation tool, it can help you work through difficult traumas, or you might carry it with you when you will be talking with a loved one and want to keep the peace – or stoke the fires!

How you use it is up to you, just be sure that the next time you are at a gem and mineral show or store that you handle a large piece of Rose Quartz on your own. Even as an aesthetic piece, it’s hard to deny that you are looking at something special.

Aphrodite blessed or not… there’s just something unique about the look and the energy of the Rose Quartz!