Sodalite: Meanings, Properties, Uses, Benefits & More

Out of all the stones, one of the best for increasing your intuition is Sodalite. This powerful stone is usually a staple at any crystal shop because of the important properties it contains. At first glance, sodalite’s beautifully dark features may go unnoticed, but after focusing on the stone, you will see all of the intricate detail and designs throughout the stone. Sodalite resembles the darkest waters of the ocean, symbolizing the power of our intuition and emotions.

Follow along for some of sodalite’s magical traits, meditations, how to use this stone to enhance your home, its history, and more!

If you’ve wanted to help empower yourself through strengthening your intuition and gaining a deeper awareness of yourself, sodalite is the soon for you.

Getting Started with Sodalite – A Quick Profile

First, let’s explore some easy ways you can incorporate sodalite into your life. Starting with this stone’s basics will help you understand its true power and properties.

Color: Deep royal blue, yellow, white, purple, and green.

Rarity: Common

Found in: Russia, USA, British Columbia, South America, Greenland

Most commonly used for: Connecting with your intuition, increasing your self-awareness, calming the mind, increases confidence and strength.

Description: A beautiful, rare-forming stone that is part of the feldspathoid minerals. These minerals resemble feldspars; their composition contains less silica content. Feldspathoids are most commonly found in rocks consisting of quartz.


Sodalite Properties

Sodalite is a powerful stone that enables you to connect to your intuition. Your intuition is your spiritual compass, and without it, you may be led astray throughout your life. With a strong connection to your intuition, you are able to understand what lies beneath the surface of reality. Along with that, you will also be able to make the best decisions for yourself, ones that benefit you and benefits the people in your life. We are born into this life without a guidebook, and sodalite helps us uncover the guidance that exists within all of us.

This stone also empowers you to gain a sense of self-awareness. This is important because, without self-awareness, you cannot be aware of anything. Who you are, both internally and externally, is what shapes your reality. Your thoughts, emotions, actions, choices, intentions, and motives all need to be recognized in order for you to be an empowered individual. Sodalite helps shine light through even the deepest corners of your being, helping illuminate every aspect of who you are, along with assisting you in accepting yourself for who you are.

Finally, sodalite helps you feel confident and cultivate inner strength by providing you with truth and understanding. When you are able to fully understand yourself and the world around you, you are then able to move throughout life with confidence and stability. Sodalite helps ground you, allowing you to stand tall in who you are.

Sodalite Meaning

Looking closely at sodalite, it appears to mimic an ocean’s waves. These waves are deep, rich, and mysterious and are often associated with our intuition, emotions, and subconscious. Sodalite contains access to these deep waters, which allows you to tap into your spiritual essence. The ocean is often seen as the unconscious, which contains all truth, and this is why sodalite can help provide you with clarity and knowing that you would otherwise be unaware of.

The white within sodalite’s composition symbolize the spiritual illumination and purity that this transformative stone can bring into your life. When using sodalite, you are able to see yourself for who you truly are while also gaining insight into what exists beyond the illusion of reality. When you are able to understand the universe and yourself, this is cleansing for the soul.

Sodalite is a very spiritual stone and can be used to enhance your connection to the spiritual realm. Your psychic abilities can be enhanced by bringing sodalite into your life, as it will assist you with opening your third eye.


Sodalite as a Birthstone

Sodalite isn’t an official birthstone, but it’s often associated with people born in November and December. In many parts of the world, these months are cold and still, which can be seen in some of the cooler colors within this stone. Scorpio is often the sign associated with sodalite because Scorpios have strong intuition and psychic abilities. They are also water signs, which sodalite can be the perfect tool for in helping them maintain balance within their emotional words.

Sodalite Numerology

Numerology helps us understand the meaning of sodalite by uncovering the energetic meaning behind its name. Follow along to see how sodalite’s name helps establish the healing properties of this stone.

Personality Number

A stone’s personality number is the energy that it provides to the world. This energy is what’s used by the people that work with this stone. To calculate the personality number, you must add the consonants of the name together and reduce the number to a single digit.

  • Sodalite
    • S+D+L+T
    • 3+4+3+4=14
    • 1+4=5

Major Influence Number: 5

Sodalite’s most prominent influence is balance, which is associated with the number 5. When working with this stone, it benefits you in every aspect of your being. Sodalite helps calm your mind and nerves, stabilize your emotions, and increase your awareness. When you are balanced internally, your external world becomes balanced as well. This powerful stone can help you transform yourself by allowing you to tap into the gifts that have been hidden within you. As humans, we have so much untapped potential waiting to be awakening—all of the answers to the universe exist deep within each and every one of us. Bringing sodalite into your space can help you begin to put the pieces back together again.

Minor Influence Number: 3, 4

The number 3 is often symbolized communication and creativity. Sodalite helps bring forth the creative, spiritual energy that exists inside of you. This stone also enhances the communication between you and your senses, which helps strengthen your intuitive abilities. The unconscious mind is often referred to as unbound, creative energies, which sodalite also helps you explore within yourself.

In numerology, 4 represents groundedness. Sodalite is sometimes overlooked when it comes to being a grounding stone, but it certainly does contain these qualities. Unlike some stones that help you feel grounded with the earth, sodalite helps ground you within the truth of who you are. With this truth, you are able to find stability, harmony, and acceptance within yourself. Sodalite is also very uplifting as it allows you to tap into your extrasensory abilities and can help you feel a sense of empowerment.

Sodalite can help bring you a new sense of clarity that allows you to see the world in a new light. This is a great stone for anyone that’s felt stuck, stagnant, or feels as if they’re missing some of life’s most important answers.

Heart’s Desire Number

The motivation and goals associated with a stone are called the “heart’s desire.” You can calculate this number by adding the numerological value of the vowels and simplifying them to a single digit.

  • Sodalite
    • O+A+I+E
    • 7+1+1+5=14
    • 1+4=5

Major Influence Number: 5

In numerology, the number 5 is associated with spiritual growth and a sense of self. 5 gives sodalite its ability to help you connect with your spiritual senses and abilities. This stone also helps you gain self-confidence and helps you be more authentic. This influence can be very transformative, which can cause many trials and tribulations for someone working with this stone, but these are necessary for your spiritual growth.

Minor Influence Number: 1

1 is associated with individuality, authenticity, and personal freedom. This number influences sodalite’s abilities by helping you embrace your differences with the world. You can benefit from allowing yourself to feel more freedom within your life as well. Whether you’ve overcommitted yourself to different obligations or you’ve been feeling stagnant in life, sodalite has the power to help free you from your circumstances.

Destiny Number

Your goal of working with a particular stone is expressed through its destiny number. This number can be calculated by adding the values of each, letting in its name, and simplifying the total to a single digit.

  • Sodalite
    • 3+7+4+1+3+1+4+5=10
    • 1+0=1

Major Influence Number: 10(1)

When a major influence number is 10/1, this multiplies the power of the number 1. 1 is considered a spiritual number, highly connected to self-awareness and spiritual evolution. 10 is associated with change and forward moving, helping you grow and expand beyond your current state of being. Sodalite expresses these properties by helping you grow and transcend your own spiritual journey by allowing you to become fully aware of yourself, your abilities, and your strengths. Using this stone, you will use your intuition and spiritual senses to obtain your goals and ambitions.

Minor Influence Numbers: 3, 4

With the influence of both 3 and 4, sodalite will help you tap into the creativity that exists within you. This will allow you to manifest your desires into your life in ways you never dreamed were possible. Sodalite will help this newfound energy become stable and grounded within you so that you can bring it with you throughout your journey and begin to shift your reality into what you desire.

polished Sodalite

Feng Shui Advantages of Sodalite

Sodalite is a powerfully transformative stone that helps evoke the true spiritual essence that exists within you. We’ll explain how incorporating this stone into your home can help enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Tai QI

Tai Qui refers to the health aspects of Feng Shui. Sodalite is wonderful for relieving stress from the body and helping ease physical anxieties.


Zhen represents the journey into a new experience and creating a fresh start for yourself. The profound insight sodalite provides helps bring clarity to your mind, allowing you to move forward throughout your journey.


Brining sodalite into your Kun Bagua will help you and your partner understand each other on deeper levels. Sodalite will act like a mirror allowing you to see your partner, their needs, and your own needs in a new light. This can help strengthen the connection between you two and bring new energy into the relationship.


Kan represents the Bagua of your career. Bringing sodalite into your Kan area can help you find success in coming up with new ideas for your creative projects. If you have been feeling creatively blocked, sodalite will help stimulate your mind and help you come up with the most unique and forward-thinking ideas!


Keeping a piece of sodalite near your face wash will help transfer its energy into its substance. Using it on your face will increase sodalite’s assistance in bringing truth and clarity into your mind.


Your bedroom should be a place of peace. The purpose of your bedroom is to rest and disconnect from the outside world. Keeping sodalite in your room can help promote feelings of peace while also clearing your mind, which will help you get a better night’s rest.


Your home should be a place of honesty, communication, and stability. When you place a piece of sodalite near your home’s entrance, anyone that enters your home will speak their truth, and their energies will be balanced before entering. This will prevent any negative energies from entering your home and potentially causing issues for you.


Having sodalite in your kitchen can help anyone struggling with sensitivities to certain foods. This stone helps your body crave the foods that are in alignment with it and helps you better understand what foods may be causing any physical discomfort. Sodalite in your kitchen will also help you overcome any issues of any poor food choices.

Living Room

Your living room is a space for relaxation and entertainment. Sodalite kept in your living room will help you entertain guests and be your authentic self while doing so. If you want to strengthen your connection with your guests or even your partner, sodalite in your living room will help you both see each other for who you truly are. This will help you understand them better and allow you to connect more to their true self.

Chakras and Sodalite

Sodalite is a powerful crystal that has the ability to assist you with certain chakra energies. Because sodalite helps strengthen your intuition, it’s often associated with the 3rd eye or Anja Chakra. The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is also enhanced with sodalite because of this stone’s ability to help you speak your truth.

3rd Eye Chakra/Anja

The 3rd eye is the chakra that governs your ability to see beyond the illusions of reality. Sodalite helps enhance your intuition which enables you to access information that would have otherwise been hidden. Not only will you be able to access a wider depth of information, but you will also be able to understand the truth on a deeper level. You

Throat Chakra/Manipura

Your throat chakra governs your ability to communicate and express yourself authentically. Sometimes, our ability to speak our truth becomes weakened, and it can become difficult to speak up for ourselves or express our true emotions. Luckily, sodalite is a wonderful stone to help strengthen your throat chakra in order for you to find your inner voice again. Using sodalite will help enhance your voice and communication with other people. You will feel more confident in expressing your thoughts and emotions because you will feel more confident within yourself. Being authentic means allowing others to know and understand you, and sodalite helps you achieve this.

Elder Futhark Runes and the Suitability of Sodalite

Stones and crystals are used in many different forms. Some people keep a stone on them, others wear it on a piece of jewelry, and some use them in different forms of divination. Rune stones are a popular form of divination that can be made entirely out of stones, such as sodalite. A set of runes made of sodalite will help empower the already magical properties of the stones.

Sodalite Stones as a Complete Set

Rune stones are used in divination to uncover certain truths about a specific situation. Each of the symbols of the runes how different meanings and understandings. When a set of runes is created from sodalite, this stone enhances its intuitive properties. Because sodalite helps you connect to your intuition and see the truth of the matter, using this set of runes will allow you to get extremely accurate answers while also strengthening your own intuitive abilities.

Dagaz is the rune of intuition and the light that exists within you. Inscribing this rune on sodalite will help illuminate the truth within you and enhance its intuitive abilities. Together, these make a powerful pair for anyone that’s looking to better understand themselves and cultivate a sense of self-trust.

Kaunaz is the rune of knowledge. This rune will help enhance your sodalite by empowering it with the knowledge of the truth. Sodalite helps you understand the truth at its deepest levels, and paired with Kaunaz you will be able to understand the full picture of your life.

Perthro is the rune of mystery. Inscribing this rune onto your sodalite will help you see through any mystery and uncover the secrets within your life. Your intuition will be greatly enhanced by this pair, and you will tap into your psychic abilities more easily.

Creative Ways To Use Sodalite

Wearing a pair of sodalite earrings can be very beneficial in receiving the stone’s healing properties. Because sodalite is associated with the third eye, your mind, and how you see the world—keeping it hear your head its energy with the stone. This will help clear your mind and allow your true thoughts to replace any intrusive ones. The longer you wear the stone earrings, the more balanced your third eye will become. This will help you adjust to seeing the world through the lens of your new site, which may feel overwhelming at first. Your life will begin to look much different than ever before.

Your subconscious holds all of the answers that you seek. When you are asleep, your subconscious is in its awakened state and is more easily accessed through your dreams. Keeping a piece of sodalite under your pillow at night will help you navigate your dreams in order to uncover the secrets that exist within your subconscious. Not only will you have more vivid dreams, but sodalite will help you work through any negative thoughts or emotions that exist within them. This will also help you wake up feeling calmer and at peace.

Sodalite as a Meditation Tool

Now, we’ve come up with a few meditations that you can incorporate with Sodalite. Meditation is a great way to help reprogram your mind and rid yourself of any repressed emotions. In order for mediation to be effective, you must learn to shut off your conscious mind and allow your subconscious mind to come to the surface. Your subconscious is where your true power lies. Follow along and use these meditations in your daily practice to help use sodalite’s energy to bring new energy into your life.

There are a few breathing exercises that can help you quiet your conscious mind and awaken your subconscious.

  1. 8-6 Breaths. Breath in for 8 seconds and hold the breath in for a moment. Then, exhale the breath out for 6 seconds. As you inhale, feel your entire chest and lungs fill with air. After a while, you will become more relaxed than ever before.
  2. 5 – 10 breaths. Breath in for 5 seconds, hold the breath for as long as it’s comfortable, then release the breath for 10 seconds. Make sure you’re exhaling for the entire ten seconds, as this will help you release any energies that have been suppressed within you.
  3. Fast breaths. For 10 seconds, inhale and exhale as fast as you can. Once the 10 seconds is up, return back to normal breathing for an additional 10 seconds. Repeat this process until you’re fully relaxed and ready to enter a meditative state.

Bring Forth Truth Meditation

This meditation is broken into two separate parts. Practice one of the above breathing techniques until you’ve entered a relaxed state in the lying-down position. Close your eyes, and mentally ask yourself to reveal the answer to any question you have within your body. If you don’t have a specific question, mentally ask yourself to show you the truth and where it exists within your body. Now, wait until you feel a sensation within your body and keep note of where it’s at. This space will be where you’ll want to draw out the truth in the next part of this mediation. Next, lay a piece of Sodalite onto the area of your body where you felt the sensation. In your mind’s eye, imagine the stone drawing out the energy from this space. As it enters the stone, see it now becoming expanding within your energy field. Continue to visualize this energy being drawn from you and into the stone until you no longer feel the sensation within your body. Next, take the piece of sodalite and lay it on your third eye. This will help you absorb the truth that you seek, allowing you to see it, hear it, and know it.

This is a great meditation for anyone struggling to understand the truth of a situation. Use this mediation when you are feeling lost, and allow yourself to uncover the truth that exists deep within you.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Your throat chakra must be balanced in order for you to express your thoughts and emotions effectively. This chakra also governs aspects of your creativity, which is important to help you see the beauty in the world. Crystals are a great way to help balance your chakras, especially when used in meditation.

For this mediation, you’ll want to find a place to lay down and relax. Once you’ve performed one of the breathing techniques listed above, you’ll want to place a piece of sodalite on your throat. As you meditate, imagine the stone creating a spiral of blue energy around your throat chakra. This energy begins to twist and turn faster, going in a circular motion. As it increases in speed, it also increases in size. Soon, the energetic spiral around your neck will expand throughout the entire room that you’re in.

You are now surrounded by the energy within your throat chakra. Out loud, express yourself in ways you’ve never been able to before.

Talk about your feelings, your thoughts, and your desires. Your words hold energetic frequencies that attract life experiences to you. When you use sodalite, in doing so, you are helping bring ease and peace to your mind. When you are at peace, you feel confident and content enough to be honest, and speak your truth to the world. Speak out loud anything you wish you could have said or want to say to someone in your life. Practice speaking in a way that is in alignment with your authenticity. If you can imagine a person in your life with whom you wish you could share your thoughts and emotions, have this conversation within your meditation. Sometimes, all we need to do is visualize something before it quickly comes to pass within our lives. Open your eyes when you are finished and try to stay in this feeling for the rest of the day.

Solar Plexus Meditation – Following Your Gut Instinct

Lay down in a comfortable positive, and start by performing one of the breathing techniques above. Once you’ve fully relaxed, place a piece of sodalite onto the middle portion of your stomach. Part of using your intuition is following your gut instincts. Unfortunately, as children, we’re taught to see things at face value and that any feelings that cannot be explained must not be real.

Now that you have sodalite resting on your stomach imagine that it’s cooling any nerves within it. Feel the healing powers of this stone enter through your skin and spread throughout your stomach area. If you struggle with anxiety or fear, this meditation will help rid you of these feelings. Keep breathing in deeply with sodalite on your stomach. When you inhale, imagine that you’re filling your stomach with the most bright, pure light from the universe. When you exhale, imagine that you’re releasing any blockages within your stomach. You may feel a sense of ease within your stomach after you do this for a while. You may also see these blockages being released by your breath as dark, heavy energy.

Once you’ve fully released any blockages within your stomach, now imagine the sodalite pouring its energy into your stomach. Keep breathing in deeply; with each breath, imagine the new energy within you expanding. Allow this energy to expand as much as possible until you feel as if you can’t allow any more of it in. Now that you’ve filled yourself with sodalite’s energy, completely allow your stomach and body to fully relax again. Keep breathing for a moment until you’re ready to open your eyes again. You should feel a change in your emotions and intuitive awareness as you go throughout your day.

These meditations will help you increase your spiritual connection, uncover the hidden secrets that are tucked away deep within you, and help enable you to trust your gut instinct once again.

How Can You Tell if Sodalite is Genuine?

Luckily, sodalite is an abundant stone that is easily accessible. If you’ve ever shopped at a crystal store or browsed for stones online, chances are you’ve seen sodalite. Because of its abundance, this stone’s also usually inexpensive, which means it will be much easier to find a genuine cut of sodalite than some of the other more expensive stones. Here are a few ways that you can use to verify if your sodalite is genuine.

Where it Originated

Sodalite is most abundantly found in the United States and Canada. Other notable areas where this stone is found in British Columbia, Northern Namibia, Romania, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, and Bolivia. Sometimes stones come with stickers that show where it was extracted, and if it says one of these places, it’s likely that the stone is genuine.

It is Reasonably Priced

For stones that are usually already cheap, such as Sodalite, it’s important to recognize when a price might be too low. If the stone I question has a much lower price than you’ve seen at other shops and sites, then there’s a chance that it may not be genuine. Sometimes, man-made stones can be easily made and sold for very cheap. Sodalite isn’t a common stone to have fakes distributed in its name, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there.


Certain stones that have bright, rich, and deep colors will often have counterfeits made and dyed in order to mimic their appearance. One way you can check this is to use a piece of tissue and a small dab of acetone, or fingernail polish remover, on the stone. If you see any color leakage on the tissue, this indicates that the stone has indeed been dyed.

Gold Flecks

A true sodalite stone doesn’t contain any pieces of gold flecks. If your piece of socialite appears to have small amounts of gold in it, the stone might be lapis lazuli, which contains traces of pyrite.


If you come across a few pieces of sodalite but are unsure where or not they’re real, it may help to cut a small piece off one, so you can smell it. Only do this if the pieces you’ve found are relatively cheap. Sodalite releases hydrogen sulfide gases when it’s cut open, which can sometimes smell like rotten eggs. If you cut open a piece of sodalite and there’s no foul smell, chances are it’s not a genuine cut of the stone.

How to Clean Your Sodalite

Sodalite is a very hard stone, so you don’t have to worry about causing any wear on it from cleaning. Using a damp cloth is all you will need to wash away any impurities. You can also run it under the faucet while gently rubbing any dirt or film from the stone. Please refrain from using household cleaners, as they can cause irritation or discoloration. Cleaning is also where you can see how genuine the stone is. If you notice your fingers change color after cleaning it, it may not be a genuine piece of sodalite.

Preparing Your Sodalite Before Use

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal before use. For sodalite, it may help to smudge it using a piece of palo santo. If you have enough time, there is another great way to cleanse a stone. Find a black pouch and place your sodalite and a piece of quartz crystal in it. Put the pouch away for a day or so, and now your sodalite will be cleansed. The quartz piece purifies any energy within sodalite, and the dark pouch prevents any further energy from attaching to it.

Sodalite is associated with truth, intuition, and self-awareness. These properties are also associated with the moon. Bathing sodalite in moonlight can help cleanse this stone and also enhance its spiritual properties. The moon also removed negative energy. You can also correlate the phase of the moon to when you cleanse and charge your sodalite, depending on what you intend to use the stone for.

History of Sodalite Throughout the Ages

Sodalite was named after its appearance’s similarity to sodium. When people first discovered this stone, they believed it to contain salt. Sodalite’s salt-like appearance further’s it’s spiritual nature, as the color white is often associated with purity in spirituality. There are records of the Caral people of Peru trading for sodalite as far back as 2,600 B.C. But, in modern times, sodalite was more well known throughout America even before it became popular for its spiritual uses.

Some Final Words on Using Sodalite

We recommend sodalite for anyone that desires to start their spiritual journey. “Waking up” is referred to as understanding the truth of reality and seeing past the different illusions of our life. In order to do so, you must allow yourself to see your own truth. This is where sodalite offers you the opportunity to look deep within yourself in order for you to understand who you truly are, what beliefs exist within you, and what you truly desire out of life.

It’s important to have a strong intuition in order to know what’s beneficial for you, how to make the right decisions, and help you resist feelings of fear. Sodalite helps strengthen your intuition and connect you to the deepest knowing that exists within you. From there, you will feel more confident in your decision-making. This amazing stone will also help anyone who has trouble speaking their mind or expressing who they are out into the world. Sodalite empowers you from the inside and helps your inner world shine through your words, your actions, and your presence. Use this stone to stand in your own truth with confidence, wisdom, and contentment.

When finding a piece of sodalite, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Choose the piece that immediately gives you a taste of the qualities described above. Pay attention to any impurities or gold flakes, as it may not be a genuine piece of sodalite. Once you’ve found a piece that you’re content with, try incorporating it into your life how we’ve outlined it in today’s article. Meditate with it, use it within your home’s Feng Shui, and bring it with you on the go. There are endless ways to benefit from sodalite’s healing abilities. I hope sodalite offers you the clarity, wisdom, and confidence that you seek.

Thanks for reading; until next time—when we dive into yet another marvelous crystal.